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  1. Hello, My experience with Metamoros,MX ( 2nd time same consulate after 8 years ) . On this day we had like 7 H1-B's, 3 H4's ( every one got it approved ) Its very pretty straight forwarded. The VO is very cool. Here are my questions: 1. Can I see your confirmation I was actually trying to pull it out from my file and he said for now just give me the passport :) 2. So you are Systems Analysts? Yes I am computer Systems Analyst 3. XXX is your employer? Where is he based out of? My employer's state & city ( Michigan, Ann Arbor ) 4, Can I see your employment letter I took it out of my file and placed near the window, VO didn't even check 5. What is your Salary $ Per Year All the time he is typing something in the system and didn't even care what I handed over to him, ( I believe he is making sure I have them or not ) 6. He gave a slip ( passport pickup slip ) and said it seems like your PIMS is not updated and it might take a day or 2 and we are waiting on that. I don't see any derogatory marks on your employer and nothing that you should worry of. Then he said hopefully it should be done today, and called some one from back-office and handed over my passport ( I believe he is requesting her to work my case in the back ground ). Note: It took 1 extra day for me to get my passport. Thanks !!! marams
  2. I will be attending my H1-B Visa interview in Metamoros, Mexico on Jan 26th. If anyone is planning during that time frame, please feel free to email me. Look at my profile to get my email id. Thanks marams
  3. For some reasons I will be attending my visa Interview on 26th .. Same location. Posting a new thread for people, who might be interested to join
  4. Just updated my profile with contact details. Thanks!
  5. Hello Friends, Let me know if any one is planning to go for H1-B visa stamping -- Matamoros,Mexico on Jan 18th or later ? Please refer to my profile for my email-id. Thanks