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Everything posted by adshah84

  1. adshah84

    H4 Stamping without H1B visa stamping

    She can go and do H4 stamping. No issue.
  2. adshah84

    H4 visa conflict

    She will only get H4 Visa till your I797 is valid.
  3. adshah84

    H1B transfer receipt notice time

    Mine was shipped on Oct 24th to California and i got receipt on 2nd Dec.
  4. adshah84

    FY 2019 CAP

    yes you can.
  5. adshah84

    h1b cool off period and h4 ead

    She need to stay out of USA for complete year. She can not apply for H4 EAD as for that she needs valid H4 status and if she is in India she is not on H4 Status.
  6. adshah84

    H1B Transfer

    There will not be any impact. You can keep working for Company A.
  7. You can extend your H1-b infinite time using your approved I140 from employer A even though you have changed to employer B to C to D and so on...
  8. adshah84

    Is amendment required ?

    Yes it is required.
  9. adshah84

    H1 to H4 COS

    1) Yes 2) Yes 3) Yes
  10. adshah84

    H1b-Visa Validity

    Yes you can use renaming time.
  11. Not you but your employer can file H1b next year. You can get 1.5 years of H1b if you do not have 140 approved. Your visa status can only change from 1st Oct or when approved if approves after Oct 1st. Your wife can work till Sept 30th if you have L1b till than.
  12. adshah84

    COS H1 to F1

    Hi, I am sorry but unfortunately there is no other way instead waiting. You have to have approved i797 from your employer before you appeared for Visa interview.
  13. adshah84

    H1b Non subject to Cap after F2 visa

    No it should not.
  14. adshah84

    Can we file amendment in Premium Processing

    No. Not at this moment.
  15. adshah84

    Travel after employer change

    Please don't provide wrong information. Why he will need new stamping? He will need stamping only if it's expired.
  16. adshah84

    H4 - Travel to USA

    Yes she can. no issue.
  17. Yes you can file for H-4 EAD extension using the I-140 from employer A
  18. adshah84

    H1 - Transfer denied - Available Options?

    Please don't provide wrong information if you are not aware of things.
  19. adshah84

    work remotely for US client

    That will be fine. No issue.
  20. adshah84

    H1B RFE on third party placement of stem OPT workers

    Hi Joe, What about this? https://www.murthy.com/2018/08/17/newsflash-uscis-clarifies-that-offsite-stem-opt-employment-is-permitted/
  21. She can start working with Employer B
  22. Mine transfer application reached on 10/25 got receipt on 11/01