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Everything posted by adshah84

  1. As per my knowledge, you will need visa to reenter into USA. You can obtain visa anywhere you like. But without visa you will not be able to enter via Canada or Mexico.
  2. Yes for all 3 assuming consulates are open and excepting Visa applications.
  3. As many days as you want. Just look for tax implications.
  4. adshah84

    holding Mutliple i797

    Empoyer B I797 is not a VISA
  5. adshah84

    Cap exempt H1b Extension after 140 approval

    When you do not have I140 approved and used all 6 years of H1b
  6. You can file COS to B2. that's only option. Forget about your current I94 is you will not get new employer by 60 days grace period.
  7. what do you mean by new I94 was not issued? If there was no I94 with your approved petition you can not start working. It might be a approved as consular petition. You need to get stamping before you start working for new employer.
  8. adshah84

    H1B Transfer - Setting the end date and start dates

    there shouldn't be any overlap.
  9. adshah84

    H4 to H1B with valid H1B petition

    Yes she can file COS from H4 to H1.
  10. adshah84

    File extention after i94 expiry

    Your employer can not file H1b extension after I94 expired as there is nothing to extend. They can file cap except petition as counselor petition and you will have to go for stamping once it's approved.
  11. adshah84

    File extention if we dont have project

    I hope your employer is paying you even you don't have a project. They can still file for the extension but it will be difficult.
  12. adshah84

    H1b Extension + New H4 appointment

    New H4 will not eligible for drop box.
  13. adshah84

    Cap exempt H1b Extension after 140 approval

    Your employer can apply cap exempt petition once I140 is approved.
  14. adshah84

    H1B Amendment

  15. No. You will have to wait until consulate will open.
  16. adshah84

    H1-B Transfer in October

    I would suggest to wait at lease for 1 or 2 pay checks.
  17. adshah84

    OPT TO H1B

    You can not work and you have to leave USA on or before Feb 2021 (When your EAD expire). You can come back once your H1b will be picked and approved.
  18. adshah84

    Confused on Rare H1 Case

    You have to options. option 1) Go out of the USA get new stamp using your I797 enter to US option 2) File extension from US
  19. adshah84

    Passport Renewal for H1b visa stamping

    When you go for stamping your passport should have validity for at least 6 months. So basically you can not go for Visa stamping in Feb 2021 with passport expiring in May 2021.
  20. 1) When you go for Visa stamp you passport should have validity of more then 6 months. 2) You will get stamp till your I797 end date and not passport expiry date 3)If you will enter USA with old passport you will get I94 date untill your passport expiry date 4)You can enter with Visa on old passport and new passport without stamp. In this case you will get I94 expiry date as per Visa expiry date
  21. adshah84

    Do I need a new Visa Stamp ?

    you do not need new via stamp. Make sure you show your latest I797 at the point of entry.
  22. I don't think so any one from here will able to help you. Let your husband's employer's lawyer take care of this.
  23. adshah84

    H1B Visa Stamping in Canada

    Canada border is closed right now for all non essential travel. I not sure how you are planing to enter in Canada.
  24. adshah84

    Interview waiver for h1b extension

    Dropbox eligibility has nothing to do with duration of H1b. I did my stamping via dropbox post 6 years in 2019 Dec. Most probably because of current situation you are not getting option for dropbox.