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Everything posted by adshah84

  1. adshah84

    Changing states /employer H1b and taxes

    You will have to file 3 Taxes. Federal, NJ and NC.
  2. adshah84

    H1 Transfer and H4 EAD

    Yes she can continue to work.
  3. adshah84

    H1B processing Nebraska Center No updates

    Try here https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/
  4. adshah84

    H1B 240 days Rule H1 and H4

    you can stay in USA but can not work
  5. adshah84

    H1B Transfer question.

    They can file new cap exempt petition with counselor processing and once approved you can leave USA get Visa stamp using new I797 and if you have valid Visa just enter with new I797 and you are good to go.
  6. adshah84

    Dropbox eligibility question

    This answer should reflect status on the date you are planning to appear for Visa.
  7. 1) H1b as H4 EAD is not VISA 2) Might be
  8. adshah84

    H1B Transfer with a older employer I140

    1. Yes 2. Yes you can transfer to company C on the basis of approved I140 from company A. I myself did the same in Nov 2018 and H1b transfer is already approved. You can keep using I140 from employer A till your priority date is current.
  9. adshah84

    H1b Extension, dropbox eligibility

    Answer should be "No" as I797 is not a VISA
  10. adshah84

    H1-B with Consular Processing- Do i need stamping?

    You can enter USA using your existing valid visa and new approved I797
  11. adshah84

    H1-B Amendment

    1) 60 days or i94 expiration which ever is shorter. 2) Yes
  12. adshah84

    H4 EAD RFE under C(36)

    As I know H4 EAD is only for spouse. I might be wrong but please confirm.
  13. adshah84

    H1 B transfer issue

    He can wait till PP starts and then apply transfer in PP and only joined Emp B if transfer is approved.
  14. adshah84

    GAP after i-140 Approval

    Yes you can ask Employer C to start GC process. Or you can wait until you make your mind to stay with Employer B.
  15. adshah84

    When is a new LCA / amendment required for H1B?

    This is surely big issue. I can't believe your employer even didn't file LCA. See below guideline from USCIS: Change in client is material change and surely needs amendment as per below guideline. When H-1B employees change their place of employment to a worksite location that requires employers to certify a new Labor Condition Application for Nonimmigrant Workers (LCA) to the Department of Homeland Security, this change may affect the employee’s eligibility for H-1B status; it is therefore a material change for purposes of 8 C.F.R. §§ 214.2(h)(2)(i)(E) and (11)(i)(A) (2014). When there is a material change in the terms and conditions of employment, the petitioner must file an amended or new H−1B petition with the corresponding LCA.
  16. adshah84

    Feb 19 or Feb 20?

    Fe 20th.
  17. adshah84

    H1B visa transfer- Impact on H4 EAD

    No. There will be no impact on H4 EAD.
  18. adshah84

    H1B extension question with valid I94

    You can work till Sept 6,2019 in case of denial. You can transfer your H1b as well till your I94 is valid.
  19. adshah84

    H1B transfer

    No. Please read the whole notice. It's written in very easy English.
  20. no at California center only. It's got updated online @ https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/
  21. My transfer petition dated 25th Oct approved today @ California
  22. adshah84

    H1B stamping LCA question

    LCA should always reflect latest and current address of employment. What your wife's employer is talking about is amendment. Both are different things. In any case same MSA different MAS doesn't matter new LCA should have been filled.
  23. Hello All, I changed employer in Nov and my employer filled H1b transfer along with H4 EAD+H4 on Oct 25th. Today for EAD i received an update that "New Card Is Being Produced" but H1b and H4 are still in "received". Is this has been happened with anyone else? How long will be validity of H4 EAD? Can i expect any update on other applications as well? My wife's H1b is also been filled by her employer and we are expecting result in this week.