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Everything posted by adshah84

  1. LCA and Amendment are different. Irrespective of MSA your work location should be on LCA.
  2. No Problem. You can have both B1 and H1b at the same time.
  3. adshah84

    H4 and H4-EAD question

    No you can not. For H4 EAD you need valid H4.
  4. adshah84

    H1 B extn denied - what next?

    Please get you fact checked before posting
  5. adshah84

    H1 B extn denied - what next?

    1) Yes you can 2) Yes you can apply H1b out of cap from out of USA 3) No there is no cooling period
  6. adshah84

    H-1B Transfer

    1) No 2) Not necessary . It's all depends upon documentation. 3) Yes
  7. You can work for Employer C if H1b transfer filed before rejection or within 60 days from the day of rejection subjected your I94 is valid while you are filing H1b transfer to Employer C.
  8. adshah84

    eb5 green card

    Go get a lawyer!!
  9. Yes you can. No problem.
  10. adshah84

    I-140 on h4 status

    Yes your employer can file I-140 on H4 EAD status.
  11. adshah84

    Amendment or Extension ?

  12. That's not true. It's all depends upon your employer and your application.
  13. 1. Yes 2. a. You can do that. She doesn't need s to go out of country b. Yes C. Yes. You meant to say COS to H4.
  14. adshah84

    Entry to USA after completing 6 year H1b

    He must leave before 1st April to apply again for 2020 quota.
  15. 1. Doesn't matter as you will get new I94 when you will enter again using your approved I797 2. No 3. No
  16. You can not use that H1b unless you are joining the same company. You will have to apply for new non CAP exempt H1b.
  17. Yes he can. No issue.
  18. adshah84

    H1B Role Computer System Analsyt

    Can you please share your source?
  19. adshah84

    Canadian Citizen GC process in US

    it's always country of birth.
  20. First of all you can not apply for H1b only your employer can. And yes your employer can file new cap exempt H1b based on your approved 140.
  21. You can take him with you no issue.
  22. Yes they can. You can get remaining time left from 6 years to use.
  23. adshah84

    Apply for new H1b petition after max-out

    You have to wait complete one year before filing new petition.