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  1. adshah84

    H1B 6Yrs Cycle will Restart ?

    No. To get another full 6 years you have to go through lottery again (New petition).
  2. In any scenario you are not suppose to work beyond 6 years that in your case Sept 30,2020.
  3. Day-1 CPT will jeopardize your future in USA. DO NOT DO THAT. PP has nothing to with approval or denial.
  4. adshah84

    H1B transfer with unapproved I140

    can my old employer still continue my PERM and apply i140? - YES HE CAN
  5. adshah84

    H1B transfer with unapproved I140

    Please get your facts checked before giving advise to anyone. GC and H1b are mutually independent petitions. You do not need to work for the employer who is filing your I140. If his employer is ready he can continue with the GC process. No issue there.
  6. adshah84

    My I94 is greater than my H1B max out date

    You need to leave USA before your calculated max out date
  7. I don't think so there any issue. AS you are out side of USA you are not on H1b visa or any other status anymore.
  8. adshah84

    H1b Visa working from India

    Shouldn't be any issue. When you are not in the US you are not on the any VISA.
  9. adshah84

    Selected in Lottery but got laid off

    I am sorry to hear that. This H1b is gone. You will have to apply through lottery again next year.
  10. adshah84

    H1 Transfer while i797 expiring soon

    yes you can. No worries.
  11. Yes you can. No need to intimate USCIS. When you PD will be current you will need employer who can file I485 and it should be the employer who is holding your I140.
  12. The only option is to file COS if you are planning to stay in USA beyond your I94 expired and without H1b extensions.
  13. adshah84

    H1B Extension vs H1b Transfer

    No body can tell you it's safe or not. It's the decision you have to make. It's depends upon the company, your profile, job etc.
  14. adshah84

    H1B Visa

    You do not need to check that. You are out of status irrespective of what it's showing on website or your employer have notify USCIS or not.