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  1. adshah84

    First time stamping appointment for H1 b Visa

    you can fill new DS160 and submit at the time of finger printing..
  2. adshah84

    H1 Visa stamping while amendment is pending

    I would suggest to upgrade your amendment in PP and get it approved before you go for Stamping.
  3. If you have nothing to say which can help then just stay away.. this is public forum..no one invited you to provide your input here. The idea of putting your self out here is to get an insight from other people who might have gone through the same. It helps when you know you are not alone..
  4. Sorry to hear that. This H1b is gone. You will have to go through lottery again next year.
  5. No you can not. This H1b is gone.
  6. 1) You will have to count 60 days from the last day of employment of Employee A 2) Yes
  7. adshah84

    Immigration status while petition pending

    Say them what you mentioned here.
  8. adshah84

    Request for information on H1B

    She can use her previous H1b. She do not need to go to quota again.
  9. You have to stay out of USA for complete one year before you apply for the H1b again. In above scenario you will not be eligible to apply for H1b once you will complete your study.
  10. adshah84

    Is H4 Extension required if H4 I-94 is valid ?

    Q1 - Do we still need to apply for H4 extension ( I539 ) for her and get her I-797 ? - No need Q2 - Can she apply for H4 EAD renewal with online I-94 which is expiring in 2024 ? - Yes Q3 - Does the state provide driving license with valid online I-94 record ? - Yes
  11. adshah84

    Master Degree's Cap H1B Visa

    If your MS is from "For Profit" you are not eligible for Master's quota.
  12. adshah84

    Situation of a good friend -

    You are eligible for Cap-exempt H1b
  13. No it's not possible. You have to start working with original petitioner before transferring to new employer
  14. adshah84

    Stamping Inquiy

    no you don't. You can enter before Mid June with your existing Visa.
  15. adshah84

    H1b Consular processing with existing Stamp

    You can use your existing stamping to enter USA prior to Sep 2021