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  1. yes file I539 before your H1/I94 expires.
  2. As per my knowledge It does not work like this. To do two jobs on H1b you need two H1b and both of them through CAP (Lottery). I might be wrong.
  3. She have to provide approved i797 at the entry and there shouldn't be any issue. From where you got stamping should be with current employer? Can you please share link?
  4. Lawyers can not share information about one client to another.
  5. To apply H4 EAD you have to be on H4 first.
  6. adshah84

    H1B transfer denied

    Hi @pontevecchio Why he can not have 60 days grace period?
  7. adshah84

    Probable Site Visit Issues

    This H1b is gone. You have to work on initial petition Client/Employer before you can file amendment or transfer. Forget about site visit when you will file amendment there will be RFE asking to proof that you work with your client mentioned in the initial H1b petition. Again I am not a lawyer. Please check with your attorney.
  8. adshah84

    Received offer from US, H1B expired 4 years back

    There is no such thing as H1b transfer. If your I140 is not revoked Company B can file cap exempt petition for you in Premium. I don't see any risk for stamping is Job and Company all is genuine.
  9. adshah84

    Change of Project within 2 months of Filing H1B

    This H1b is gone. You will have to file new one next year in lottery again.
  10. It's always better to be late then never
  11. Why you want your previous employer to re-apply for your I-140?
  12. You do not need to worry regarding Employer A petition.
  13. adshah84

    H4 Extension Stamping

    Yes she must use your I797 from current employer and she can go for drop box.
  14. adshah84

    H1B transfer after 6 months of I140 approval

    1) It's totally up to you. You can keep continue extensions until you see PD date is going to be current 2) No one can predict this. It's 100% depends upon your role/company/documents and little luck 3) You can continue working for the new firm on the H1 and keep extending based on your old i140 4) Not matters to you now unless your I140 gets revoked by USCIS because of fraud or something 5) You can keep extending you H1b for 3 years until your PD date becomes current.
  15. adshah84


    It's not your company's responsibility. H4 and to maintain all status in USA is your own responsibility.