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  1. adshah84

    New salary wages

    Not sure how it's worked in your company. In my company new salary enforced once LCA is approved.
  2. Is he having valid Visa? If yes you can leave USA and enter back with new Passport and valid Visa on old Passport. At the entry show I-797 and they will extend I94 till end date on I797
  3. You need to check with attorney. You can contact murthy firm as well.
  4. No you are not as your last stamping was done outside India.
  5. adshah84

    Extension Reject; I-94 Valid till 12/31

    You can stay till your I94 is valid
  6. adshah84

    Need Help For H1B/H4 EAD

    Are you both working on same company? why his company will file your GC?
  7. You can stay but you have to stop working.
  8. adshah84

    H1B Premium Processing in current scenario

    No they can not.
  9. you can not apply COS if your I94 is expired. Easiest way is to leave country and come back on H4
  10. adshah84

    H1 Consular Notification status change

    It's always better to go to home country. You can take your daughter with you in Visa interview no issue.
  11. adshah84

    H1b extension Denied. What are my options?

    Hi Sam, I am really sorry to hear that but if USCIS has denied your petition on the basis of "for-profit university", the only option you have is apply fresh H1b in general quota in next year. If your I94 is valid you can apply COS to b1/b2 and finish your work and leave before decision. If your I94 is already expired leave ASAP.
  12. Hi 

    My I-94 is going to expire in Apr 2019 due to my old passport validity as its also valid till Apr 2019. But later I applied for new passport and received it. Now I have to extend my I-94.

    I have seen so many posts here on I-94 extension when people went to Mexico and came back with new I-94. But Canada Border is near to MI state from where I am planning to go.

    I wanted to know if anyone recently visited Canada for I-94 extension and how's their experience? Did you apply for Canada ETA/Tourist visa too? Did you go by CAR or AIR?

    Did you receive new I-94 extension from US CBP ?

    I need help if is it worthy to visit Canada and get new I-94 without any issue.

    Please advise asap.



  13. adshah84

    Employment with H1B visa pending

    If he is not in the USA he can do what ever he wants.
  14. adshah84

    H1b Transfer before Start date

    No you can not. You will have to start working on H1b before you transfer.