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  1. adshah84

    H1B Extension after H1b expired for couple of months

    As per my understanding once your PD is current you have one year to file adjustment of status otherwise you are out of queue.
  2. adshah84

    H1B transfer before Oct 1st

    You can not transfer H1b before Oct 1st. Don't do that. Just my 2 cents.
  3. I would suggest you go to the stamping with current employer, come to us and keep working for current employer and file transfer and join new employer. this will be safest route.
  4. Right way is provide all the answers truthfully and follow the process.
  5. adshah84

    H4 Dropbox Eligibility

    No she is not. To be eligible for dropbox last visa should be of same class.
  6. Yes. Do not take this risk. It' not worth it.
  7. adshah84

    After H1b visa expiry

    yes you should be cap exempt. If you can find employer they can file H1b on your behalf.
  8. adshah84

    Drop box eligibility

    Only way to be certain is pay the fees and go through the questioner while booking the appointment as the rues are changing quite frequently.
  9. adshah84

    H1B Drop Box Question

    No you can not send passport overseas. As per the Consular General website,It is written in ALL CAPS...IT IS ILLEGAL TO SEND OUT YOUR PASSPORT OUT OF THE COUNTRY OF YOUR PRESENCE EITHER BY POST OR COURIER.
  10. Please understand the question. The screenshot you are referring is for fresh CAP-subject petition. OP here is already working on the H1b and not applying for fresh H1b.
  11. No stamping is required. Stamping is only needed for reentering in to USA.
  12. There is nothing wrong in this. This not fraud in any way.
  13. adshah84

    First time stamping appointment for H1 b Visa

    you can fill new DS160 and submit at the time of finger printing..
  14. adshah84

    H1 Visa stamping while amendment is pending

    I would suggest to upgrade your amendment in PP and get it approved before you go for Stamping.
  15. If you have nothing to say which can help then just stay away.. this is public forum..no one invited you to provide your input here. The idea of putting your self out here is to get an insight from other people who might have gone through the same. It helps when you know you are not alone..