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  1. adshah84

    H1B Early Arrival 2 months before Joining date

    You can not stay in use on H1b without getting paid.
  2. adshah84

    H1B visa stamping without I-797B copy

    No you can not. you need original I1797B for stamping.
  3. adshah84

    H1B Transfer from Non profit to profit

    No you can not.
  4. adshah84

    Need help on H4 stay

    240 days rule does not apply to H4. She can stay.
  5. There is nothing like better approval ratings.
  6. adshah84

    H1B Query

    You can use it you got stamped.
  7. You can travel once your H1b is approved.
  8. adshah84

    H4 to H1b Transfer

    Yes he can. But he will not start working until he H1b is approved.
  9. adshah84

    H1B got 1099K

    I am sorry but 50K feels fishy. How they can sell stuff costing 50K?
  10. adshah84

    H1B Transfer while Current H1B amendment in RFE

    There shouldn't be RFE/Denial because of your current RFE.
  11. adshah84

    Premium processing for H4

    There is no option for premium processing for H4. USCIS used do it as a curtsey but they have stopped it from a while.
  12. I do not think so it's impact dropbox eligibility. Can you please provide link?
  13. adshah84

    H1b Amendment - Change in Job Title & Salary

    Yes they need to file amendment.
  14. adshah84

    H1B Grace Time period once position eleminated.

    You have 60 days or I94 expiration which ever is earlier to find another job