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    Hi, Thank you for replying to my query. You advised me to file as early as possible. As of today i.e. Feb-02-107 , I am not in 180 days window yet. Do you want me to file now or shall I wait till I fall into 180 days window. Secondly, what happens if I file for an extension now, will it going to be in waiting mode or will they upfront reject the request and how will that affect my current EAD...? Thanks and Regards, Shivrami.
  2. shivrami


    Hi, I have a H4 EAD that is valid till December 2017. Recently my husband got his H1B extension till 2019. Can I apply for a H4 EAD extension right now or should I wait till I reach the 120 days window. Do you recommend filing for renewal earlier than 120 days? Would I get an early renewal if I had submitted my renewal application earlier than 120 days before expiry? Would applications be rejected if filed earlier? Thanks and Regards, Shivrami.