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  1. To qualify the L1B visa, One needs to work continuously in Foreign subsidiary for at least 1 year. What if I travel to US for 10 days on a B1 visa during this 1 year. Does my eligibility date get pushed back for 10 days as well? What about business travel to other counties during this 1 year? Does those travel also count against me? Best, Eddy
  2. Hi All, I am a third year engineering student from a Canadian University. I recently completed a internship in US under J1 visa.(Subject to 2 year rule) I plan to do another internship in US this summer using J1 again(also subject to 2 year rule again) There is no government funding involved in both J1. subject due to skill list. The question is : Can i use one J1 Waiver to waive the 2 year rules from both J1? (Apply the waiver after my 2nd j1 ends) Thanks, Eddy
  3. Dear Sir/Madam, I am a undergraduate student from University of Toronto. I recently finished my internship at US using J1 visa. My major is electrical engineering, and I did not receive any funding from US/China government. Since I am a Chinese citizen and therefore subject to 2 year home rule. I want to apply for the J1 waiver to get rid of the 2 year home requirement. At this point, i do not have a full time job offer from my hosting company in US. therefore i would like to know whether It is difficult to obtain a waiver without a job offer? Also, Any advises on How do i find an experienced attorney that can maximize my chance of obtaining a waiver? Much appreciate your advises Regards, Eddy