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    Guys, I know it's an old thread but just checking what was the final outcome on your cases ? How did you all proceed further ? Thanks.
  2. rajeshonly

    E-2 and I-485

    Can you please let me know how have you proceeded with your case ? Thanks.
  3. Hey everyone, I have a situation and I would like to know if anyone of you have faced this issue in the past - My employer has his office in the state of GA and my H1B is also associated with the same address since I work in the headquarters. I am the primary applicant in the petition & Last month, I received RFE for Supp-J & G325A and provided response. Since my wife works in NC & I have a house in NC, I have provided the mailing address as NC in Supp-j & G325A. I travel to my employers location on a weekly basis and I am part of a lease in GA address and Drivers licence is also associated with the state of GA. I never mentioned the address of TN in AR11 or G325A or Supp-J because I wanted to receive all the communication to my permanent home address than a temporary address. Has anyone been in this situation before (OR) do you see any issues in having different states in Supp-j ? If yes, have you had any trouble or a RFE from USCIS in regards to this ? Your inputs are greatly appreciated.
  4. Hey everyone. My employment based I485 is pending and I am on H1B. I work in the state of Illinois. My wife started using the EAD since January 2017 and earlier she was in IL but had to relocate to MN in Nov 2017. We are planning to buy home in MN and settle there. But I might be working in IL for next 3-4 years. Now the biggest challenge we have is, what should we update the address on our pending I485 applications ? If we just provide one communication address of MN, we may get a question from USCIS (during interview or RFE) about this. Not sure how to handle this. Has anyone faced this issue before ? IF yes, please provide your experiences. Would be really helpful. Thanks in advance.
  5. rajeshonly

    NOIR and revocation affects on status

    Hi Muddu_Shafi... Did you get final decision on your case ? I am in the same boat and I just wanted to know what happened to your case. Thanks in advance for sharing.
  6. Hey guys. I would really appreciate all your inputs.. Here is my situation. I moved from Client 1 to Client 2 in Jan 2015. Filed just LCA but no amendment. Had a client visit in Jan 2015 @ Client 1, contacted my employer and he redirected to Client 2. Spoke to USCIS officer, send all the docs requested in April 2015. Thought I escaped from NOIR after the Simon amendment that came in Jul 2015 but I am not that lucky i guess... In the last week of December 2015, got NOIR on my H1 (Haven't received the physical copy yet). In Nov 2015, filed I485 and I am expecting my EAD sometime in January. I am planning to file amendment by taking advantage of "Safe harbor" period and hopefully everything turns out good... I am with same employer who filed my I485. Have couple of questions on backup plan ... 1) Has anyone shifted to EAD AFTER they received NOIR on their H1 AND before USCIS making a decision ? 2) Does shifting to EAD and requesting for cancellation of H1 through employer before USCIS making a decision causes any issues during I485 time ? 3) If USCIS makes a decision on revoking from the date of initiation of my H1 (from Dec 2014), would that impact my 485 (which was filed in Nov 2015) ? I have been reading contradicting answers as someone says we need to be legal while filing I485 and future decisions will not affect past actions AND someone says there will be impact as 485 is based on the H1. Has anyone been through this type of issue ? If yes, can you please share your experiences. Thanks in advance guys.. Rajesh.