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  1. I am filling I130 for the spouse in India...I have a few questions for I130 form, please help, I really appreciate. (1) I have two employers, I am the petitioner. In the Employment History, Employer 1 has an end date as 'Present' in 45b, can I do the same for the Employer 2 also and write 'Present' by hand in end date 49b? (2) For all the India addresses I can put the address, city name and country name, there is no place to put State name, as the dropdown state name list is only for USA states. Is it ok to not include the state name of Indian address? Or should I put the state name in 'Province'? (3) There are a lot of fields where I can't enter special characters like "N/A" eg in Spouse 2 field, so can I write it with hand, is it ok to have form half filled on computer and half by hand? (4) I was GC holder and got Citizenship through Naturalization, should I put A number from Green Card in Part 2 question 1 "A-Number", or leave it blank as I am a US citizen now? (5) I don't have a middle name, should I leave it blank or write N/A or ----- by hand? Thank you for your help and time
  2. hindi_eng

    Assault Bodily injured Family Violence case

    Stop bitting your husband! Get a really good attorney, consult immigration lawyer and if possible have conference between criminal and immigration attorneys, so they can decide what will be best outcome for you. Remember not all criminal attorney are aware about the immigration rules so having both communicating with each other will help your case.
  3. hindi_eng

    N 400 interview in 3 weeks - solicitation charges

    Did you paid any fine then proof of that too. You should be fine as incident happened more than 5 years ago. Just be relax, and if ask then tell them what happen and end your sentence with “....I learned my lesson. “ Hope you did! Good luck! you will be fine
  4. hindi_eng

    Arrested as a misunderstanding

    Fingerprint will never be deleted for immigration matters. Record can be expunged for job and any other background check. But immigration still sees the charges. And looks like his initial charge was ugly and raise concerns that’s why he get interrogated. Being citizen may help, but still he may need to go through the same interrogation
  5. hindi_eng

    DS160 questions for B2 visitor visa for family

    1) better fill the form again if you didn’t take appointment and validated the fee receipt, so that will made sure that your appointments are together. 2) be honest and add your sisters name in companions.
  6. If she is not coming to shady school then no one is sending students back from port of entry. Study should be guanine intention if she is applying for student visa. Visitor visa need proof that she should return after visit, and student visa also need the same thing to prove.
  7. As title says, i want to confirm if black folder is allowed to carry documents in Mumbai consulate during visa interview?
  8. hindi_eng

    H4 DS160 and I-134 question

    We are filing for my H4 visa, i never been to usa. My husband is working in USA on H1B. I have few questions... (1) Do i need I-134 from husband for H4 visa? (2) In DS 160 under the travel information, there are 3 questions, i am confused what to fill there... (i) Dependent Visa - Whose name will be there, me(H4) or my husband (H1B) (ii) Application Receipt/Petition number - I don't have i797, so is it my husbands' petition number? (iii) Principle applicant's company name-Is it the name of the company of my husband? Thank you for your help.
  9. Any idea what is wait time for the Hindi interview at Mumbai consulate? For English it is 20 day wait time, but for Hindi there is no way to know without paying the fees.