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  1. Hi Guys, I am in the process of getting the H4 COS + H4 EAD application ready for my wife which will be applied concurrently along with my H1b extension. I have made an arrangement with the lawyer where she'll prepare the H1b extension and let me prepare the H4 COS & H4 EAD and apply it together in the same packet under premium processing so that both the cases are adjudicated together. I just would like to get an opinion from someone who has done this before as to whether or not it could be concern on half the case prepared by the beneficiary herself (my wife) and half the case prepared by the lawyer (for me)? Other thing to add is that currently my wife has a H4 COS pending that was applied a couple of months back. We have the i-539 receipt for it. My lawyer suggested that since a decision is not made on the previous COS application we should write a cover letter explaining when the COS was applied, provide a proof of the receipt and explain the new application for COS & EAD which of course will all be contingent on the H1b extension for me. Seems a little complicated. Just want to make sure we do it right. Anyone had a similar experience? Any suggestions on filling out the forms would be helpful. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, I am in a similar situation as some of you have been in the past although mine seems a little more complicated - Time to renew the license! I would like to get an input to see if anyone of you can shed some light on this. My H1b visa expires on Feb 8th (so does my driving license). The extension has not been applied yet because the I-140 is still in process and we are hoping the H1b extension will be applied closer to the Feb 8th date. Looking into the information here I am assuming I will be able to get a 2-8 month extension at the Garland DMV based on the H1b extension application. Although I will have those days in between where the DHS will verify etc. so in other words few days without license. My wife is in a different situation - Her H1b expired on Dec 13th and her H4 transfer application has been applied. So she is in the country based on an H4 application with H1b expired. She just has the application document. Can she apply for 2-8 month DL extension based on that document? The thing to consider is that her H4 extention is applied based on my H1b expiry which is Feb 8th (not too far). I guess when the DHS and USCIS make an attempt to check the lawful presence for her its going to show that she is in the process of extension but based on an expiry that's very close in the future. So not sure how the 2-8 months DL extension would play out in her case? I am thinking we will still go to the DMV and take a chance and see what happens. One last question - sounds dumb but is there a possibility that we can still drive based on the Indian Driving License here and show it as proof (along with the USCIS docs) to the officer if pulled over? Any input will be helpful. Thanks!