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  1. https://www.uscis.gov/visabulletininfo read this
  2. My PD is Aug 2013 and as per July 2017 visa bulletin for EB3 China, the PD is Jan 2012
  3. My case is in EB3 China. my date was current in June 2017 but my PD retrogressed in July 2017. I got an RFE in June and responded promptly which was received by USCIS in June 23, 2017 Now today I got email (July 7, 2017) saying new card produced. Is my GC approved? If so is it approved in error as my PD is not current in July 2017 (but was current in June 2017)? Kindly advise.
  4. Do I need to wait for 180 days after interfiling is complete from EB3 to EB2 to change jobs under AC21? I485 originally filed is pending more than 1 year? Kindly advice
  5. It is not A# from your I140. Each individual have there own A#. You cannot use your A# ok there form. Leave it blank if you don't know.
  6. I recently got an RFE for updated medicals on I485 application and submitted it promptly and were received on June 23, 2017 by USCIS as per website. My PD for EB3 china will retrogress in July 2017 1. Can I email case officer requesting to review my response and adjudicate ASAP to avoid getting retrogressed? I know case officer name and officer ID number mentioned on RFE. I plan to email on followup email contacts on USCIS website 2. Can this offend the case officer as I did not wait 60 days, as my PD will retrogress for sure if I wait to hear? Kindly advice
  7. thank you
  8. Both me and my spouse received RFE for expired medicals. Option1: Can I send the 2 sealed medical envelopes with there respective RFE letters attached in 1 USPS Priority Mail? Option2: Do I need to send seperate USPS Priorty Mail for each RFE reponse? Please advise which option is best for USCIS mail room?
  9. My spouse is on H1B and both also have AOS pending with EAD card with her being derivative. In case she is laid off, what is the best course of action for us to maintain her status?
  10. Hi Boston17, were you able to sort this out?
  11. Situation: I have a valid EAD/AP card (which expires in next 3 months) I am not using EAD/AP card as I am maintaining H1B status I am planning to apply for renewal of EAD/AP which I am assuming will take 3-4 months to renew. Now I am planning to go travel and go for H1B stamping next month and plan to return based on H1B stamp. Question: 1. Do you think, that leaving the country and going for stamping would effect in any way the pending renewal application for EAD/AP? 2. In case, H1B visa stamping is delayed or refused for some reason, can I come back on my current unexpired EAD/AP? 3. Will coming back on current valid EAD/AP effect the renewal application for EAD/AP? Please advise
  12. Thank you pontevecchio
  13. Sorry I do not know where else to post it. I am wondering if it is possible to get UK VISITOR VISA with expired H1B visa stamp and valid I797?
  14. In case of Chinese citizen, can a person have two simultaneous I-140 petitions (EB2 and EB3) with the same employer? At a later date, can then the person choose to use the petition in which ever category the dates are current? Do both petitions remain valid?
  15. Can my spouse file I140 through her employer given that her I485 is pending based on my application?