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  1. akhil kovialkonda

    Change of status - H1 to H4

    1) Please let me know the process to file for change of status from H1 to H4. Can someone file for this on their own or need attorney for it. Please let me know how much time it takes to complete the change of status request. 2) After filing for change of status do i need to wait for some approval or can file for change of status back to H1 along with extension while i am waiting for H1 to H4 change of status request.
  2. I have a valid H1b visa stamped on passport till 26-sept-2016. I have filed for extension and I have received RFE on extension but have sent a response to the RFE. Now I am waiting for decision on my extension. I am travelling to India on 4-June-2016 and have a return flight to USA on 4-July-2016. So I would be returning back to USA before my current petition and Visa stamped on passport gets expired. So will there be any problem while POE in USA? or do I need to wait in India to receive the my h1b extension response before I can travel back to USA? Will my travel out of USA impact my H1b extension request? Please help.
  3. akhil kovialkonda

    H1B Extension

    This is query for sister. Her previous organization had filed for her H1b in 2007 and later on she had visited to US on her H1B and stayed in US for about 2 years. Post that she went back to India and later on visited US twice as dependent. Once as H1 dependent and later on as L1 dependent. While she was on L1 dependent she had filed for work permit and had worked for a period of 1 year and finally she returned back to India in Dec 2013. Her H1B is expired now but she wants to file for an extension as she has completed just 2 years on her H1B limit. Please let me know if she is eligible for filing for a H1 extension through a new employer and will she fall under cap exempt category.