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    H1B vs. EAD Work Authorization

    Here is my scenario: Currently, I am on H1B and my green card is in process through my employer. My AOS is already filed and I've already got my EAD & AP. While I am still working for my employer on H1B who has also sponsored my GC, I've another independent contract part time job offer from different client. My question is: 1) Can I use my EAD to work for new client as independent part time contractor? 2) If I use my EAD with new client, what will happen to my H1B status using which I'm working for GC sponsored employer? 3) Would I still be able to maintain my H1B status while also using my EAD for part time job offer? 4) If I want to register a company for myself, should I use my H1B status or EAD to register my company? Please advise. Thanks!