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  1. Hello - My Dependents I485 application is in National Benefits Center Lees Summit MO and We had already completed the USCIS interview at Field Office. Now do we need to attend one more interview from Field office ?. How long the USCIS Medical Exams is valid ? Regards, Ramesh G.
  2. Hello Anamika - Hope you have sorted the issues. Track your status through online and it will say whether its an RFE or NOT. Good you have updated the address and now your are on track. I am still waiting to file my RFE as my dependents AOS also involved. By the way, whats your PD ?
  3. ramesh75

    GC processing times for PD Sept 2008

    When your PD is NOT current, Your employer filed I-485, AOS, AP, etc.. in last October 2016 - Then it mean he filed based on "Dates for Filing Applications", am I right ? As you had filed more than an year ago, you must do medicals one more time and should expect an RFE for Medicals when your PD becomes current. Nebraska is processing Employment-based adjustment applications Processing Cases As Of Date - Feb 7th 2017.
  4. @Anamika123 - Nov 15th I got the RFE Online Status and it took 10 Days to receive my Letter. RFE is for Employment Proof, Medical Latest etc and due date is Feb 15th, they had given 87 Days as official time to file RFE Response. I am yet to file AOS for my dependents and if my PD is not current in Januaray 2018 and if I file my RFE response and case gets approved before getting a receipt for AOS filing of my dependents - is my concern. Please share your comments.
  5. Thank You for your Reply. The challenge is, If my PD is not current till the due date of my RFE filing, and if I file my RFE Response and my case gets approved before I file AOS for my dependents then it will be an issue. If any one in similar situations and have more insights Please share.
  6. Hello - My EB3 Priority Date is Nov 6 2006 and had filed my I-485 in 2007. Now I have received a RFE for I-485 and should submit the Response before Jan 31st. But still the Priority Date is NOT current (as of Dec 2017 Bulletin Priority Date is Oct 16 2006). I have to file AOS for my dependents as well. So in this case how I can file AOS for my dependents safe and Please share your thoughts. Regards.
  7. Hello Friends - My H1B Extension is with Vermont Service Center from July 7th. USCIS Vermont Service Center Processing Dates have been Updated only till Sep 30th and Says the H1B Extension Processing Timeline mark as 25th May and No further Updates available. Can someone share further updates if aware of on the current status timelines and additional information relevant to this topic. Thanks.