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  1. canada_h1

    Travel to India while H1-B amendment is pending

    Just wondering, is the new client and work location within 35 miles and same MSA as the last one?
  2. canada_h1

    Ottawa 221g timeline insight

    Thanks for the useful info! Can you also share your interview experience? What is your major?
  3. Hi Bharath, Sorry to hear about your situation and I hope it gets resolved soon, There are couple more people on this forum with similar situation. Can you please elaborate your interview experience little more? Any idea what might have triggered this 221g? Thanks
  4. canada_h1

    221g Ottawa Nov 10

    Hi okm, did you receive any update yet? Please let us know.
  5. canada_h1

    Ottawa 221g blue - interviewed 19th Nov

    Hi Barrel, Is there any update regarding your case? I have my interview scheduled for January 7 and have the same issue (no direct relation between work and education). Thanks