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  1. immihelp12345

    H1B Drop box eligibility

    Thank you
  2. immihelp12345

    H1B Drop box eligibility

    Please check and reply if anyone knows about this
  3. immihelp12345

    H1B Drop box eligibility

    Dears, I am in a situation where I need to travel to India and my H1B visa will be expiring in Jan, 2018. My H1B extension is also in progress but the decision is not made. I am trying to get it approved ASAP through premium processing. But I wanted to ask you guys about drop box facility for my application. My visa is stamped with my old employer name and it is still valid till Jan. 2018. And I will be getting H1B approval from current employer for which I never stamped the visa. So am I eligible for dropbox facility in Mumbai? The visa class is not changing, my current visa is not expired only the name of current employer will be new. Is it possible? Thanks in advance for your help with this.
  4. Hello, I am working on H1B work visa here in MI. I got recently married and my spouse is still back in India as she did not get visa dates because of US consulates are pretty packed up. But fortunately she got visa dates now and she is going for her H4 visa in next week. I am planning to change employer in coming 2 weeks. So once her visa will be done, most probably I may have started working with new employer. So her visa will be under my old employer and mine will be transferred to new employer. So I have some questions in this scenario: 1. When she will come to US, she will have my previous employer name on her visa. Is that will be an issue? 2. Do we need to change something on her visa once she comes here? 3. About my visa, my H1B visa is already stamped and do I need to re-stamp it if I visit to India after I start working with new employer. Or old visa with new I-797 will be fine to re-enter the United States? 4. Consider the situation where suppose I visit India to bring her here, I will enter United States with my H1B visa (stamped with old employer), approval letter from new employer and she will enter with her H4 stamped based on my old employer. So is there any issues at port of entry? Thank you for your time.
  5. Thank you for these inputs. Do I need to do anything with old DS160 like delete it or remove it? Because I dont want to have two DS160 for one person's same visa. Thank you.
  6. Hi there, I need some help about my parents visa. I am planning to invite my parents to US from India on B2 tourist visa. I have filled their DS160 in Dec 2014 and then paid the visa fees. After that, I scheduled the appointments in January 2015. But I need to reschedule the appointments several times and now I am not able to see the appointment details. Looks like it’s been 1 year, so there receipt is expired and I need to pay the visa fees one more time. Is this true that visa fees get expired if did not schedule visa appointment within 1 year? Also another question is can I use the same DS160 form that I filled 1 year before or I need to fill new DS160? Thank you for your replies.
  7. Hello there, I need your inputs on tricky situation I am in. I got my H1B work visa starting from Oct 2015 and this is my first h1b. I planned to get it stamped in December 2015, so filled DS160 and scheduled the visa appointment. But because of some situations, I need to change my employer. So I changed the employer and get visa transferred to new employer. It is approved now and I have approved I797 with me. Now I am planning to get it stamped now. So can you guys help me in putting light on following questions? Thank you. 1. I already filled DS160 form(with old employer name and receipt number), I don’t think I can use same DS160 form as it calls for my old employer name and old receipt number. Is this true? 2. I have filled visa fees for old DS160 form. As I cannot use old DS160, can I transfer the visa fees from old DS160 to new DS160? Or I need to pay the visa fees again? 3. Also do I need to take any special precautions with my old visa application and DS160 to cancel it? I have already canceled visa appointment but do I need to do anything with old DS160 as it there will be 2 DS160 under my name with different employers name? 4. Any other thing I may be missing here? Thank you very much.
  8. immihelp12345

    Situation with Lay off on H1B....whats the option??

    Thank you for your reply. Can I apply to COS now?
  9. Hello there, Right now I am in a tricky situation. I was working on H1B work visa with Mechanical industry. I came to US on F1 visa for my masters, finished it and got hired by a big Mechanical industry. They applied for my H1B but first year it did not got selected in lottery. So they applied again on next year and this time it got approved and I got H1B. It started Oct 2015 and I was happy. But suddenly I got laid off from company Mid-Nov. 2015 and I became unemployed. As my company is famous for following rules, they told me this is your last day in company and they informed USCIS on that day only. Now I have following questions. 1. Is that mean I am already out of status? 2. Now I am trying to find jobs as soon as possible. So if I get job, can I apply to transfer my current H1B to new company or new company needs to file new H1B application for my employment with them? 3. I am thinking about changing my visa type to F1 / B1, B2. So that I can get some more days to apply for jobs. Is that will be fine? If I change my visa to F1/B1, B2 and in future if I get job, can I just transfer my visa status back to H1B status? 4. Which of visa will be better in my situation: changing to F1 / changing to B1,B2? 5. Also if anyone has experience with this situation, will appreciate if they can share it. Thank you.