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  1. Can a physician who has an NIW approval be self-employed after the completion of the 5-year underserved area service? Can he work full time with another employer and also work part-time at his private practice? Thank you.
  2. rajuvamsi007

    Contracting under Spouse's H4 EAD Company

    I understand that it is illegal to work a second job while H1b. However, if the spouse's company is getting paid and the spouse is "actually delivering the service" without mention of any one else's name on the company invoice.... that would be legal right? Otherwise, how is it different from helping the spouse to perform the actual job on the employee's own time?? Just wondering...
  3. rajuvamsi007

    Contracting under Spouse's H4 EAD Company

    Hello All, Let's say a spouse starts a new company under her H4 EAD. Can the husband provide contracting services under this new company? I understand that the H1 employee can only work for one company. So is it legally possible for the husband to work extra time and provides services under the name of the Spouse's Company?? My understanding is that the H1 holder will not be paid for the services but the H4 EAD company holder will be actually paid for services provided under her name. What are the potential problems with such a setup??
  4. rajuvamsi007


    Physician on J1 waiver H1B recently applied for 1-140 and is still pending approval. 1. Can i change my job after the 3 year J1 waiver completion? 2. If i do change my job to Company B will they have to start the green card process from start.. or can they use my previous i-140? 3. Do you anticipate any advantages from new rules for physician from "Retention of EB1, EB2, and EB3 Immigrant Workers and Program Improvements Affecting Highly-Skilled H-B Alien Workers," Thank you.