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  1. My mother visited me on B1 and had overstayed due to medical and pandemic. However, here extension was filed and approved. Another extension was still in process, and we did not receive any approval or disapproval notice. But before we hear from USCIS, my mother left the USA in Nov 2021. She was visiting me on May 18th, but she was detained. Her passport is stamped as - Application for Admission Withdrawn *10000* Please advise what does Application for Admission Withdrawn *10000* means, and how can it be waived. Thank you in advance.
  2. I am on H1B for nearly 8 years and my current H1B is good till Sept 2020. But, after Sept 2020, per my employer, I will not be illegible to further renew / extend my H1B as to file for Perm. I am thinking of changing my field from IT to be a Nursing Assistant, as there are opportunities for H1B sponsorship in nursing jobs. I need not be on F1B to pursue Nursing Assistant as it is a certification course. My concern is, would I be able to get H1B visa, once I get a job in nursing field, as I have exhausted 8years of H1B visa extensions/ renewal in IT field ? Please advise. Thank you in advance.
  3. H1-B from employer B got rejected, I-94 from employer A is yet valid. Approved I-797 from employer A is voided, but I-94 yet not expired. Am I still good to stay back in USA till my I-94 from employer A is valid ? Also, can I apply for either Visitor visa or F1 Visa ( for Winter 2018 or January 2019) ? Appreciate.
  4. H1-B got rejected, can I apply for Tourist/ Visitor visa to extend my stay? Responses appreciated.
  5. Can H1-B employees work for part time job say for 20-25hrs/ week for employer B, in addition to their full time job for employee A who has filed the petition? Response appreciated.
  6. tj91

    EAD through Family Sponsor

    Thank you so much for responding, JoeF. It is my sibling who would like to sponsor me since she is US Citizen. Please let me know what is HC process, since I am not sure. Thank you
  7. tj91

    EAD through Family Sponsor

    How can my family sponsor me so that I can get EAD to work in USA and that I no more have to be dependent on H1-B visa to work. Thank you.
  8. Hi, For more than a year, I am associated with one of the desi consultancy who is holding my H1-B and thus happens to be my employer. Till now I`m paid (salaried) only 2 times and 4 times was provided a minimal amount in form of loan for my bread-butter. Kindly suggest, how I could get all my till date`s withheld salary from my employer, as I was threatened of my visa cancellation incase of any actions taken against them. Your response is greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi How can I receive my H1 LCA from my employer or USCIS? Please advise.
  10. @ Jairichi - employer A`s H1B petition is not cap subject. Any thoughts please. @ YankeeDoodle - Is there any immmigration attorney I can reachout for free consultation, as I`ve been looking for one from a while. Thanks much.
  11. Thanks Jairichi. Mine is a regular H1-B transfer done by employer A and not a cap exemption. Since H1-B is not transfered in premium process, I am still awaiting approval as a part of regular process. What would be a better option to transfer H1-B (approval in process) from employer A to employer B ? Please suggest. Thank you.
  12. My H1-B is filed by employer A and I have received it`s receipt since the approval is still in regular process which may take a month or two. I want to start working with employer B. Can my H1-B receipt obtained from employer A be transfered to employer B or Does employer B need to separately file my H1-B? Please let me know the procedure. Thanks much.