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  1. srijan

    L2, H1B

    Thanks again. Appreciate your help.
  2. srijan

    L2, H1B

    Thank you. I have few more associated questions: 1) If my wife dont apply for a change of status from h1b to L2 and leave for home country and reenter on L2 along with me, what will be her active status in US upon reentry? Will she be considered to be still on H1B since she did not apply for change of status to L2 yet or will her active status be L2 since she reentered on L2? 2) After reentry on L2, if she wants to work, can she work on her EAD (assuming EAD is not expired)?
  3. srijan

    L2, H1B

    I am on L1 visa. My wife and daughter (4 years old) joined me on L2 visas. My wife applied for an EAD and got it. She also had an unused H1B approved petition from her prior employment. She now got an offer from a firm and the firm applied for a new H1B by recapturing her prior unused approved H1B and she started working for the firm once the new H1B was approved (I-129). 1) Is this considered a change of status from L2 to H1B from USCIS perspective (her firm did not file an I-539 change of status but just utilized her prior H1B through an I-129)? 2) If my wife wants to move back to L2. Does she have to apply for a change of status? 3) If we want to visit our home country, Can my wife re-enter on her L2? If yes, can she work on L2 EAD upon return? 4) My daughter’s L2 was changed to H4 through I-539 Change of status application. Do we have to apply for a change of status for my daughter if I want to bring her back to L2? 5) If we visit our home country, can my daughter re-enter US on L2? 6) If we need to apply for a change of status for both my wife and for my daughter, can we travel to our home country after applying but while still in process and reenter on L2?