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  1. cyberlord

    Travel to india when H1b transfer is in process

    1. I suggest filing H1 transfer in premium before you travel would be good to avoid complications. I think the it is not advisable to travel while transfer is in process, I could be wrong. 3. No. Only if the visa in the passport has expired, you need to go for stamping.
  2. cyberlord

    H1B Revoked/Denied and Cap Exemption

    This denial notice clearly indicates the reason of your revocation. This notice also indicates that you are no longer cap-exempt. I feel any future applications could also be impacted as you are the beneficiary.
  3. cyberlord

    H1 in the edge of 6 years - Labor/I140 options

    If your spouse is on H1, you can convert to H4. Yes, I think this is possible.
  4. I am aware this has been done before for one of my friends. Do you have a copy of your approved I-797?
  5. Yes, if I-140 approved for more than 180 days.
  6. cyberlord

    H1B Visa Interview/Stamping Waiver

    You will need a new H1B stamp on your passport
  7. cyberlord

    DS-160 Employer info

    How can you put US address when you are not in US? Salary in USD shouldn't be a problem I guess.
  8. 1. High chances that your work permit would be revoked. Has your employer replied to this notice? 2. find another employer or file new petition. If intent to revoke is due to fraud, chances of your future petition approvals are slim. 4. If your spouse is on F1, yes you can change to F2. Look up pros and cons of F2. If it's the best option , depends on what happens to your current petition.
  9. cyberlord

    H1 7th year renewal

    If recapture time is only 50 days, how can you get 1 year extension? Since your I-140 was denied, i suppose it'd be cap subject petition after 1 year cooling period that would be applicable for you. This is just my understanding, i could be wrong.
  10. cyberlord

    Apply for H4 EAD

    1. You can apply for H4-EAD using your current employer sponsored approved I-140. There is no need to wait till you change to Employer B 2. A copy of I-797 should suffice. You can check this with the attorney applying this for you. 3. You can do this by yourself.
  11. cyberlord

    H4 Dependent Travel questions

    No, they don't need a new visa stamping till April 2022. They can use the same visa to travel with new approved I-797
  12. cyberlord

    H1B petition outside of normal processing times

    Your employer attorney should be able to raise a service request to get the status of your application
  13. What is the intention ? To quit the job and stay in US (without job) ? If yes, what will be her ways to fund her living till May 2020? Will she be looking for another job immediately? If she quits the company and her petition gets revoked, it is best she leaves US immediately. I think she has about 60 days grace period to find new job. It is safe that people on H1-B be on status to avoid complications.
  14. If I understand correctly, you have to be working on 1 full time H1-B, others can be part time.
  15. Check with your employer and see if there is a need to open up a case with USCIS.
  16. cyberlord

    Nonprofit to for profit after 6 years with i140

    Yes, you can file for a new cap-subject application while working for your current employer and without leaving USA. Good luck!
  17. Administrative processing could take upto 60 days after the visa interview. In case, you have travel plans to other countries, you can request for passport withdrawal.
  18. cyberlord

    H1B RFE approved

    It all depends on the VO, sometimes they may not explicitly ask for the client letter. I suppose the client letter should have been submitted along with the petition for approval.
  19. cyberlord

    H1B Revoked/Denied and Cap Exemption

    If you are directly/indirectly associated with the fraud, you could have problems getting new petitions/visas approved. Do you know why exactly your petition was denied? This could lead to better understanding of your situation. If it was denied not due to any fraud reasons, reasonably you should be cap exempt.
  20. This is something that seems new to me. Does your employer have an office near your brother's place in TX ? Can we get a work location change of address just for the purpose of buying a property? Is it necessary and legal?
  21. I feel H4 EAD would be the safest option now. You can convert to H1-B once you receive a good project/client
  22. cyberlord

    H1B extension after 6 years

    If your I-140 is approved, you can get another extension. Hopefully, you get your I-140 approved by October.
  23. Has your employer initiated work visa extension? It can be done 6 months prior to expiry.