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  1. cyberlord

    Visa Approved but administrative processing

    I guess the next step is wait till you get an email saying you can collect your passport. Till then we cannot say anything.
  2. cyberlord

    Amendment to an under processing H1B Extension

    No impacts. I suppose your employer will have to file a new H1B with a new client letter.
  3. Both run parallel and are independent, nothing to worry.
  4. cyberlord

    H1b RFE response

    If the employer is not giving information/clarityon RFE, it is likely that they missed something during filing or the evidence that they need to submit is under their control. An RFE has to be answered within 60 days. if the immigration team is asking for updated client letter with more added roles/responsibilities - the RFE could be to justify specialty occupation. You don't have much choice here, but to trust your employer - as they have to respond to the RFE. Seek specific information as to what is missing and what is required.
  5. cyberlord

    Notice of intent to revoke

    1. Can you shed more light into what other details are provided along with the notice if intent to revoke? 2. Are you currently employed? Have you checked with your employer/attorney who handled your petition?
  6. Have you filed the new H1 as COS from H4 ? If I were you I would join the employer on (H4) EAD as you have greater flexibility till 2022. You can talk to the attorney to see which takes precedence - H4 or H1.
  7. cyberlord

    H1b to H4 transfer.

    1. Only after your wife gets her H1-B approved, you can apply for Change of status to H4. I don't think you can apply for H4 along with her H1. 2. Since your wife will be on F1 visa now, you can try to change to F2 (Dependent of F1). 3. You can apply for H4 only after she gets her H1-B approved.
  8. cyberlord

    H1B Visa Stamping process with Spouse and Baby

    1. Families having separate petitions can be interviewed together. The down side is if one application is held up, the other is also held up till both gets cleared. They don't want to approve one and hold the other and separate your family. You can also apply separately. 2. Yes, you can. You could be asked, so be prepared to explain why you chose Delhi over Mumbai. 3. I guess you can, but make sure your interview is not distracted. If you and your spouse are interviewed separately at different time slots, one of them can manage the baby. This can be told as a reason in case they ask you why you didn't apply for family interview (together).
  9. cyberlord

    H1B Transfer

    I would suggest you consider joining the new employer after the petition is approved. It is possible that your petition could be denied as you have got an RFE on specialty occupation, which itself is the basis for granting H1-B. However, I know many people who have got their petitions approved who joined on RFE with Receipt notice and got their petitions approved. Again, this depends on the company who is filing the petition and for which client you will be working(in case this is a service based company). 1. Yes, but the companies have to revoke the petitions to ensure that you are no more a liability/dependent to/on them. 2. There are more chances of the refiled petition getting denied, also depends on what basis the petition was denied in the first case. 3. The RFE has to be answered in about 60 days. If the RFE response is denied, it means the petition itself is denied. Upon denial and if you are currently jobless, you would be out of status, which is unlawful presence. 4. Check #2. it would be safe to let the new company know that you are willing to join on approval.
  10. cyberlord

    Unable to get PCC from Dubai

    You can check with an attorney if there is an alternative for PCC. I suppose if no records can be found about a person, the question of PCC doesn't matter from that country.
  11. There is no time frame to reclaim unused time in your H1-B. You can find another employer who can file a new cap-exempt H1-B petition.
  12. There are reasonably good chances that this impacts your visa approval
  13. cyberlord

    221g Green Issued for h1 b renewal - arrest record

    You did the right thing by mentioning about the arrest to the VO. They have access to your records. Good luck, keep us posted in this forum.
  14. cyberlord

    Do I need to go for h1b Visa stamping?

    It is not like - you need to get out of country just to get a visa stamped, post your visa expiry date. In fact, it is - After your visa expiry, when you travel outside USA, you need a new visa to re-enter. Many people stay and work in USA even after their visa expiry.