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  1. cyberlord

    revoked H1B

    It is normal for companies to withdraw their petition that results in revocation. Nothing to worry, you ate covered and eligible for cap exempt filing. Good luck!
  2. No more lottery this year. 65000 petitions have been selected and cap meet.
  3. The US government and USCIS will do everything to help you in these times. Contact USCIS directly or through attorney. However, things would hopefully cool down before your expiry facilitating your travel back to your home country.
  4. cyberlord

    H1B Amendment+Extension with new End Client

    1. Yes, you will get a new I94. 2. If I'm not mistaken you would get a new I-94 with your extension.
  5. cyberlord

    H1B transfer multiple companies

    Yes you can. Once you join company B, you will need to resign from B to join C.
  6. cyberlord

    H4 to H1 issue

    My understanding is you need to get your H1 stamped to activate it.
  7. Two weeks validity for an approval ? That is too short. What kind of work do they want you to do? how can they file extension if you have not joined them? 1. Nothing happens. You can continue to work for Employer A. 2. Once you join Employer B, you will have to transfer your H1 back to Employer to start working for them. It is not A's I-94. It is yours.
  8. cyberlord

    H1B transfer got approved for 1 year

    I think you should talk to your attorney and have them file an extension petition immediately.
  9. Yes, it is okay to file multiple applications through different employers. Not allowed through the same employer.
  10. I don't think previous years' petition will have an impact on the new H1-B filing.
  11. cyberlord

    H1 Grace period

    1. COS to H4 would be the best bet. Is H4-EAD an option? 2. If the H1-B grace period is over, I think it would be best to change from H4 (after approval) to H1 to avoid complications. 3. Yes, Yes 4. These are 2 different things - If you want to remain in US and not worry about the grace period, COS to H4 is a safe option. If you are not COS to H4, then consular option would be best as you will need to go out of US and re-enter with new approved H1 petition and new visa(required only if visa has already expired)
  12. cyberlord


    From what I understand, you have only exhausted 2.9 years / 6 years of your H1-B. This is calculated based on your travel history in I-94. A sponsor can claim for the unused time of your remaining time in H1 and file a cap-exempt petition.
  13. You can read good amount of experiences with DUI and approved cases. You can check these in this forum.