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  1. okm

    221g Ottawa Nov 10

    Hi, Got my Visa approved on 4th Dec. Clearance Date: 02nd Dec Issue Date: 04th Dec Passport Collected: 7th Dec VERY HELPFUL FORUM - THANKS!!
  2. Barrel, can you update your profile with email so we can get in touch,
  3. okm

    221g Calgary

    Hi Wrong Decision, Can you update your profile with your contact. So we can stay in touch
  4. okm

    221g Ottawa Nov 10

    Any Updates?
  5. okm

    221g Ottawa Nov 10

    Hi Sudhir, Can you please update your email id in profile so I can contact you?
  6. okm

    221g white slip in ottawa

    If you have Non-IT background avoid going to Canada. They are TAL to non-IT guys
  7. okm

    221g Ottawa Nov 10

    Yes, I did Masters in Mechanical Engineering. I got 221g during my first H1B. This is my H1B renewal
  8. okm

    221g Ottawa Nov 10

    Hi had my Visa interview on 10 Nov. Got 221g Blue Slip. Same Questions which company you work for ? what work you do? What is your pay? Can I have your CV? gave CV we need to perform additional processing it may take few weeks. We have all your documents? We will email you when to submit passport Any guesses, How much time it takes for 221g blue slip in Ottawa ?
  9. okm

    221g white slip in ottawa

    Hi Even I got 221g in Ottawa on 10th Nov. I got Blue Slip. Same questions Which company you work? what work you do? How much you make? Any ideas, how much time takes in Ottawa for 221g blue slip?