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  1. Thanks for the response! I am assuming that also means that they cannot file any litigation against me.. If they keep asking, should I just refuse to pay?
  2. Thanks for the response. They are asking for attorney fees and other expenses which I believe are related to USCIS filing. If there is no contract or if they are not able to provide the signed document with any contractual clause mandating me to pay them after refusal even after asking, can they legally demand 1. attorney fees or 2. USCIS related fees (including premium processing). If yes, then can they legally file a case against me? If no and they are still persisting, can I file a labor case in DOL?
  3. I accepted an offer at a company (Company B) and they started my visa processing. It is still in progress under premium. I eventually changed my mind and decided to stay back at my current company. When I informed the new company about my decision, they asked me to pay the attorney fees and 'training fees'. I had not signed any document with any clause which mandates me to pay anything if I change my mind. Now, I do understand that it might be ideal/ethical to pay them voluntarily for the attorney expenses they incurred, but they are asking me to pay an amount thrice of the attorney fees which includes the aforementioned training fees. My question is are they in their rights to ask me for this amount under any USCIS rules/law? Can they also charge me for anything other than attorney fees? What happens if I do not pay anything, can they initiate collections/litigation against me - even though there is nothing in writing signed by me? Thanks in advance!
  4. adathavale

    H1B Extension status and information

    Mine was received by USCIS on May 19th along with H4 extension for my wife. Both are still pending. Please post here if yours gets approved.