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  1. How many rental properties can we own in H1B? Is there a limit on the numbers? Or some where I must stop at? Currently I have 3 rental property on my name and 1 on my wife's name ( who is also on H1B ). We file our taxes together jointly as married. All of the properties are managed by property management companies and they are actually passive ( by law and also literally ). It would be great if I can get some light on this. Any advice/data/suggestions are really welcome.
  2. My company went out of business two weeks ago and my H1 visa was revoked yesterday. I got a new job offer and asked the new employer to file for consular processing. I am leaving the country in 4 days to further not accumulate out of status days. Is my visa CAP exempt? My H1b Visa ( Form I-129 according to USCIS case status ) was approved in July this year and it started in October this year. I have not got the stamping yet. Is my visa CAP exempt? So when the employer files for the consular processing, I can re-enter with the new employer's stamp? Please help with this detail.
  3. I was selected for the H1B during the lottery and it was approved this August and my visa would be starting from October. So I planned a trip to India this December and do the stamping. Now because of some mishaps in the top level ( The company is a big one with offices in Europe and multiple cities in US ), there is a talk that the company might go into administration and might file for bankruptcy. I talked to my manager and HR regarding this and they said while they do not have much information from their superiors, they were suggesting some employees could be asked to be on the furlough. Can I be in US legally while being on a furlough for a couple of months? Can I leave country , finish stamping and come back without any issues while being on the furlough? I would like to not my cancel my trip to India ( I have made so much plans that involves a lot of money ). Which is the better way for me to handle this incase they ask me to go in furlough immediately ? At least I can ask my managers and HR. Thanks in advance.