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  1. Hello: I am planning to switch to a new employer in the next couple of weeks. Background: H1B -> Same current employer since 2009. Renewed H1B multiple times (India and Canada). Spouse on H4 w EAD Renewal -> Due Sept 2021 (both H1B and H4 and EAD) I140 applied and approved in 2016 A couple of questions: a. Is Premium Processing on H1B transfer still possible? b. What should be the H1B start date for new employer? c. When should the new employer file for I140? Is it a Transfer like H1B or a new application altogether? d. How long will the I140 application/ transfer take? e. What can I do to ensure that new employer does go through with I140 processing? I mean should that be in the offer letter or similar? f. When should I notify my current employer about my move? Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advanve
  2. I just got a date today (after a long search) for Ottawa. Its early next week. During the time of submission of the DS-160, I selected Quebec City as my desired location for stamping. However, I selected Ottawa for the appointment for the interview (as its the only one available). Will this be an issue for me? Do I need to re-submit DS-160 with the correct counsular location again? Please advise.
  3. Me and my wife are traveling to Canada this long weekend (3 days only). Mine (H1-B - Same Employer - Approved I-140 & I-797) Valid Passport: yes H1-B Stamp & I-94 (online): Expired Sept 2015 H1-B extension applied June 2015: Received in Jan 2016 till Sept 2018 Valid I-797 with I-94 (attached to I797) till Sept 2018 My Wife: (H4 - Approved I-797 and EAD) Valid Passport: yes H4 Stamp & I-94 (online): Expired Sept 2015 H4 extension applied June 2015: Received in Jan 2016 till Sept 2018 Valid I-797 with I-94 (attached to I797) till Sept 2018 Will we be able to re-enter USA after the long weekend? Any experiences recently (Vermont Border crossing)? Please help. Thanks
  4. plumberg

    H4 w EAD. SSN Application documents

    Superb. Thank you. That is exactly they asked for.
  5. My wife is on H4 and we recently received her EAD based on my approved I140. I am going to apply for her ssn tomorrow. Any one has applied and received SSN? What documents did you submit? How long did it take for them to validate and accept the application? Any help is appreciated.
  6. plumberg

    Is there any illegal stay for me and spouse?

    Super, thank you all. Big relief. :-D
  7. 6th year H1B Expiration -> Sept 10, 2015 H4 Expiration -> Sept 10, 2015 Approved I140 in Jan 2015 Company files for H1B Extension on June 15, 2015. I pay an Attorney to file H4 extension for spouse at the same time. Both, H1B and H4 approved for 3 years on Feb 10, 2016. Received I797 for H1B and H4 with Sept 15 2018 expiration. Have me or my spouse had an illegal stay in the country after our I94 expired? Will it be a problem if we go for stamping? Thanks.
  8. plumberg

    Travel to PR/ USVI on Expired H1-B/ H4

    I should have been clear earlier... my I-94 expired on my visa stamp expiration date (Sept 2015)... Should I travel?
  9. My 6th year of H1-B expired on Sept 15, 2015. I have an approved I-140. Employer has filed for extension on June 2015. Till date, I have not received the extension decision. So, as of right now, my passport has an expired visa stamp. My wife is on H4 and her visa is also getting extended along with mine. Can we travel to San Juan, PR / US Virgin Island with an expired Visa Stamp? I am hoping to receive the i797 soon (I believe). Thanks