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  1. if a Indian boy with green card approved 3 year back, marries a Indian girl staying in India. How much time it will take for her to come to US. I have read articles it says 2 years, other option is to let her come on a student visa, some say tourist; but then it will be difficult to get a gc and so on.. USCIS website does not provide turnaround time Could someone with experience put some light...
  2. madhavid

    Eligible for EB2 or EB1

    thank you so much
  3. General Field : Cancer Research Current position : Researcher V Country of origin : India Current state of residence : Alabama I came to USA in 2005, I have done MS in Biological Science from USA. I am working as a Cancer Researcher at University since January 2010. Currently on a H1 visa (non profit), valid from October, 2015. I do not have any publications, articles, awards under my name. Few publication as a second author are under process. My university is ready to apply for Green Card under EB2 Advance Degree Professional, which may take 9 years. I am planning to apply for a green card through self petition under EB2 NIW. Please advice 1. Should I apply for green card under self petition or wait for university to apply 2. Am I eligible for EB2 NIW or EB1 Outstanding professor/researcher 3. To be eligible what all things do I need to prove 4. How much time for I-140 to be approved. 5. What is the waiting time and cost for EB2 NIW and EB1 OP 6. If my I140 is approved what would happen to my H1B visa. What status am in. Can I start working in an industry
  4. my moms doctor has suggested to get an injection from US to Mumbai. Its the only available medicine for a lung disease. How do I get. I am in Mumbai right now. my husband is in usa
  5. madhavid

    H1 visa - Food blog

    Thank you JoeF
  6. madhavid

    H1 visa - Food blog

    Dear All, I am on a H1 visa. I have a food blog which I started few months back. I want to know 1. Can I earn on food blog. Can I accept cash or direct credit 2. Can I accept product from the co to advertise on the blog, without accepting cash or direct credit 3. Can I accept payment in Kind.
  7. madhavid


    Thanks Joe But do I need a SSN to volunteer in library/church
  8. madhavid


    Thank you Joe and Rahul. I will go to Social security office and ask them to provide a letter Jai : I can do a volunteer job in US on H4, I dont know why Texas require SSN for volunteer.
  9. Dear All, I am on H4 visa and I have recently moved to Dallas, TX I had applied for volunteer job in a library, but they say SSN is mandatory for background check and my application was rejected. In Dallas even for driving licence they require SSN. Please advice 1 can I volunteer in Dallas without SSN, 2 can I apply for SSN 3 How do I apply for driver licence
  10. Thank you so much Jai, Is NIW the only available option for self petition
  11. Thank you Joe, Yes, I am considering applying under NIW. But for NIW I have to qualify for either Adv Degree professional or Exceptional ability. But everywhere it states you need to have publications, articles in journal, award to make NIW petition stronger. Hence wanted to know can apply for green card or I should wait till I have publications.
  12. madhavid

    H-4 Error corrections

    My name was misspelled, after calling USCIS, I got a rectified receipt in 15 days
  13. Hi, I came to USA in 2005 for MS in Biologocal Science on F1 visa. Since January 2010 I am working as a research associate (dept of cancer) in an University on a J1 visa . Last month my visa was converted from J1 to H1. I am planning to apply for a green card through self petition, currently I do not have any publications under my name. Please advice if I can apply for green card or I should wait till I have publications Regards Madhavi