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  1. kuvinod7

    I94- Update

    Hello - When i try to retrieve my recent I-94 it has still the old date but when i look under the I-94 history it has the proper information in it with the correct dates. It has been 15 days since i have returned back to US. So does it take time to update it or what has to be done ?
  2. kuvinod7

    H1b stamping in Singapore

    Hello - Did you go for stamping to Singapore ?
  3. kuvinod7

    Singapore H1 Visa Stamping

    Hello - I am planning to visit Singapore these month on a tourist Visa. So is it possible for me to schedule an interview for my H1 Visa stamping there ? Going through the ustraveldocs.com, it says that you can but only one query is to how to collect the Visa back. Since there is a requirement that you need to have a valid government ID proof. Since i will not have one while i go there so how is it possible ? Anyone so far done these ?
  4. kuvinod7

    140 Approved - Resign

    Hello - I got my I140 approved with Company A this month. So if i Join Company B then will the I140 be nullified ?
  5. kuvinod7

    I140 Premium to file

    Is it right time to file I140 Premium ? My attorney is saying it is better to be in regular since there are many rejections.
  6. kuvinod7

    Perm RFE

    By God's grace, my Perm Petition is certified now. Thanks everyone
  7. kuvinod7

    Perm RFE

    My Perm was filed by Jan 2018 and I did get an Audit by June 2018 and replied it within 10 days and by end of Aug 2018 i got an RFE now. This is what my Attorney told. So not sure how long does it take ?
  8. kuvinod7

    Perm RFE

    Hello - How long does it take to get the status if an Perm Petition has received an RFE. My attorney just informed me that he has received an RFE for Perm Petition. I am trying to check with others but no one has said that they have heard an RFE for Perm. Confused
  9. kuvinod7

    H1B Tranfer PP RFE

    Thanks. Finally it has approved. H1B Transfer PP Filing Date : 26th Jan RFE : 8th Feb Replied RFE : 09th March Approved : 21st March
  10. kuvinod7

    H1B Tranfer PP RFE

    Hi, I applied my H1B transfer in PP and got an RFE. My employer sent all required documents to USCIS and the case status changed to RFE for evidence received as on March 09. It is been 6 working day today and have not received any status. I am quite scared. since what I have heard in the past is after an RFE and you submit your docs, the approval should be within 2-3 days, but its almost 6 days.
  11. kuvinod7

    H1B Amendment Premium RFE

    Hi, Hope this helps someone. Amendment Premium Filled with USCIS : 13th Oct 2015 RFE status update on USCIS Site: 23rd Oct 2015 RFE received through post: 6th Nov 2015 RFE Responded and filled with Authorities: 17th Nov 2015 RFE Approved: 24th Nov 2015. Best of Luck for others as well. Regards, Vinod
  12. Hi, I got my H1B premium amendment RFE last week and my employer yet to get the hard copy for the same. So how long does it normally take after the RFE has been replied to USCIS ? How the process works ? Can all this be done within a months time ? please help regards, V