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  1. sraven

    B2 Visa RFE

    No she wanted to leave before I-94 expiry
  2. sraven

    B2 Visa RFE

    But she was waiting for the reply of her Extension application and based on the Original plan only she is leaving
  3. sraven

    B2 Visa RFE

    But She has applied for the extension before I-94 expired and just got an RFE on last Saturday
  4. sraven

    B2 Visa RFE

    Hi Guys, I have applied for 2 months extension for my mother and she is past her I-94 expire date, But on Saturday we got an RFE saying that prove her ties with Foreign Country But I have couple of things which I need answers for 1. She is leaving in 13 days . So what Can be done as there is no time to the status of the extension 2. What can be the next steps so that she can comeback next time on the same visa
  5. sraven

    Parent's Extension of stay

    Hi All, I am trying to file extension for my parents. I need some information regarding the extension 1. If I am filing only for my mom do I need to submit supplemental forms or no 2. Filing fee says 370$+85$ biomteric is this true a) If so can I send a combined check Thank you for help
  6. sraven

    Extending Parents Stay

    Hi All, I am trying to extend the stay of parents . I live in california but not able find exact information about where should I send the documents to filing there Visa extension could somebody help me please. Thanks,
  7. Hi Guys, I have a quick question about drop box visa. Here is my scenario 1. I am working with the same employer for previous stamp. My Visa expired more than 12 months back. Can I go use Drop Box for my Visa or should I go to consulate to get it stamped.