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  1. bhupathim

    Visa slot in Vancouver

    It Wont effect your interview. My friend paid some guy 100 bucks claiming he can get him visa slots and this is what he does. I met a guy at Vancouver embassy who did the same and he got his visa approved.
  2. bhupathim

    Need a visa date in Vancouver

    It wont effect your interview. Many people do that.
  3. bhupathim

    221g - vancover on Nov 12

    you should have told her that your employer increased your salary recently.
  4. bhupathim

    Need a visa date in Vancouver

    There is way for that. People usually select 'Travelling from Canada' and it opens up many slots.
  5. bhupathim

    Visa slot in Vancouver

    Try selecting 'Travelling from Canada'
  6. bhupathim

    Visa slot in Vancouver

    Try by selecting ' Travelling for Canada'.
  7. bhupathim

    H1B Visa interview exp: Ottawa 16th nov

    Usually you get your passport within three business days, and in your case it might take from 4 to 5 days. When did you file your latest H1b petition? Regards Bhupathi
  8. bhupathim

    Expire VISA - problem and need urgent help

    The so called 'people ' are the dumbest then.
  9. bhupathim

    Visa slot booking and DS 160 confusion

    No, Its not required. But It is advised to submit you DS at least 3 days prior to your interview date.
  10. bhupathim

    H1B stamping Vancouver Nov 3rd

    No, i took a copy of my LCA.
  11. bhupathim

    H1-B Stamping Queries

    1) DS-160 appointment confirmation page 2. passport 3. Original i-797a 4. Passport size photo 5. I-129 6. LCA 7. Offer letter 8. H1B supporting letter from your employer 9. Paystubs from last 6 months 10. Bank statements - last 3 to 6 months 11. Client letter 12. W2s 13. Degree certificate copy 14. Employer documents(his w2s etc) and any other documents that supports your application
  12. Hi all, I got my visa approved on nov 3rd @ Vancouver. Following are the questions she asked. 1) Is this yours visa extension? 2) What was your master's major ? 3) Can i have your LCA. 4) How often does your employer pay you? 5) Can i have your paystubs 6) why is your salary more than what it is mentioned in LCA? I told her that my employer increased my salary recently and showed her my employment letter which mentioned my current salary. And she approved my visa . I had a chance to meet three other guys at the embassy and they all got their visa's approved. Regards Bhupathi
  13. bhupathim

    PIMS update...urgent

    One of my friend had the same issue. Usually it takes around 3 days for you to receive your passport once the visa is issued. For him it took 5 days as they had to manually verify his H1B petition. Here is the information about PIMS http://www.dhs.gov/recommendations-improve-petitioner-information-management-service-pims Regards Bhupathi
  14. bhupathim

    Accomodation in Vancouver from Nov 2nd

    Hi, I couldn't find your email id. Here is mine. bhupathi.sarasam@gmail.com Regards Bhupathi
  15. bhupathim

    H1B vancouver Bio- metrics.

    Thanks guys. I did check the website and couldn't find the information any where.