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  1. I am eligible for dropbox.....but dont want to take risk.. Can i go for interview instaed...by answering NO?
  2. I am eligible for dropbox.....but dont want to take risk.. Can i go for interview instaed...by answering NO?
  3. Hi GUys, According to new rules published on 17th jan 2017..... Wondering if we need to apply new i140 when we leave employer or not if its not revoked?
  4. Hi, I have applied for Transfer on 27th dec and updated it to premium on 25th Jan......the stautus on 25th Jan says "CAse updated to premium". Today 1st feb the case status is showing " Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Emailed "On February 1, 2017, we received your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant ...... nothing was done on feb1...... any idea what is this?
  5. Do we need to start i140 again....when we join new employer?
  6. tara12

    H1B extension after I140 Approval

    Can we apply i-485 with old employers approved I140? Dont we need new employer to apply I140 if we want to start gc process
  7. got an rfe in transfer.....what are the options now? can i continue working for same employer?
  8. My current employer aplied for I-140. Can i move to diffeent employer immediatly once i got my I-140 approved or do i need to wait for some time and use the same priority date?
  9. my current employer has applied for i-94. Can i immediatly move to different employer once i got i-94 and use the same priority date?
  10. GUys one QQ My staus is showing Case Was Approved instead of Case Was Approved And My Decision Was Emailed. Does that mean I have to go home country for stamping?
  11. tara12

    H4 approved after h1b

    One more thing can i go to Bahamas or anywhere near for h1b stamping and re-enter on h1b?
  12. tara12

    H4 approved after h1b

    I would be....Is there any concerns?
  13. tara12

    Stamping in Bahamas

    Can we go for new H1b stamping to bahamas or anywhere nearby? I was on h4 got h1b this year only
  14. tara12

    H4 approved after h1b

    Is it normal scenario that they will work on I-539 and give decision? I was under impression that once they start working on I-539 , they will see I already re-entered They will discard it. Can i verify somewhere online my status?
  15. tara12

    H4 approved after h1b

    Problem is I-539 got approved now..... I applied for COS but later in same month in re-entered on h4......and i found a employer who applied my h1b in premium which got approved just 2 weeks back,,..... now how can usics approve i-539, i should have been null n void? Am i missing anything?