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  1. Hi everyone I am currently a resident of Austin, Texas working in a Fortune 100 company as a direct employee. I have been in US for 5 years and have a valid I-797 and I-140. I came into US through a L1A visa that got changed to H1B - after which I changed jobs. I never went back to India for stamping and have been working under a valid I-797 during my 3 year tenure in the current company. Now I have an urgent need to travel to India in the month of June and have to get myself stamped in the process. The current wait times at Hyderabad consulate which is what I automatically get after I enter consulate interview scheduling form is 71+ days. However I need to return immediately for my work after staying in India for the month of June. My passport is 8 years old and has address of Hyderabad location. Passports for my spouse and kid who will be with me are issued in US and they have US locations. So I had two questions - 1. I know that US consulates have process in place to request for expedited interview process. I have a strong work requirement to be here in July - but is pre-poning interview appointment advisable? 2. Can I schedule appointment for visa at any US consulate in India avoiding Hyderabad since that has a longer wait time? Delhi only has 39 days currently. Can somone please help
  2. Thanks Jairichi. This helps. Unfortunately the H1B is not premium processing. Hence he would need to take that risk. Will convey this to him. thanks Pratyush
  3. Hi everyone A friend of mine is employed with H1B on the current company (I797 for H1B has been obtained while on L1 visa in US in Oct 2015). Now he wants to shift to a new job at a different location in US. The transfer process is currently underway and he plans to resign once the H1B receipt is obtained. Now the process of moving from one place to US to another would take him 7 - 10 days. He cannot move until and unless he completely resigns from the current company. Just wanted to check if there would not be any issues going forward since he does not have job for 7 - 10 days (while he is on the move). regards Pratyush