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  1. chopshop

    DS160 question

    For records, you will have to mention the charges filed at the court. Always. Citations given by cops don't matter.
  2. chopshop

    H-4 Error corrections SR

    Hi, My H-4 was approved with incorrect dates in spite of requesting the correct dates in our application. We raised an SR two weeks ago and it was assigned to an officer for response. Our SR was looked into by an officer at the start of this week and they sent us the response in mail yesterday. And, the SR status shows it's completed. But there's no LUD on my EACXXXXXXXXXX receipt number. Is this normal behavior? Does it mean the actual action will take more time to complete?
  3. chopshop

    H-4 Error corrections

    Hi, Thanks for your response. My case is assigned to an officer yesterday and no other updates. It's been 15 days for us hopefully we get something in the following week.
  4. chopshop

    H-4 Error corrections

    Hi, The H-4 was approved with incorrect validity dates and we raised an SR with USCIS to put correct dates on it. Will this SR request reflect in my original case receipt # and I can continue to monitor online? OR there will be a new receipt #?
  5. chopshop

    Incorrect dates on H-4 approval

    So what happens if we file this week and don't get it corrected by Nov 6,2016. Is my spouse out of status starting from Nov 7,2015 until the correction is made?
  6. chopshop

    Incorrect dates on H-4 approval

    Do you think the SR is enough? It's really frustrating that we have to wait for months for USCIS to correct their own mistake. Why can't they fix their errors in a few weeks than waiting forever.
  7. Hi, My spouse recently went for H-1B to H-4 and we requested the start date for H-4 as Nov 7,2015 on I-539. But USCIS approved it with date of March 2016. How to contact USCIS to correct this error? How long it's going to take to have this error corrected. My spouse's 6th year H-1B expires on Nov 6,2015.