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  1. I am on J1 waiver with 3 year contract ending on June 2017 My hospital Employer A is affiliated with Employer B for 2 years now , But i am employed by Hospital A In January of 2017 , Employer B is planning to end our contract with Employer A and provide new contract , which include salary and vacation changes( for worse ) , which employer A is requesting us to voluntarily sign Employer B contract My hospital is still present it is just physician contract which are changing No my question is My employer A is not honoring my J1 contract , is it a ground for me to move out of current employer as this change in contract is being done forcibly against physician interest I have approved i 140 , with new change in employer , should i refile for PERM and i 140 Will this change affect my J1 waiver Can i file a lawsuit if in case my employer doesn't honor the J1 waiver contract and terminate without finishing 3 years ( our contract clause says no changes will be made to this contract by employer or physician for 3 years )
  2. vikasgoyol

    my attorney says I can't apply for I 140

    Employer has sent all the paper , she is not filing stating that i would RFE and is requesting a letter from my director in residency to change to dates to match her requirement , myself and my pd didn't want to do it and i have been saying it to her that we should file with everything i have given , even my PD gave letter stating that i have satisfactorily finished the program. But it is driving me crazy arguing with the my attorney , she says even 1 days less than 3 yrs , i will not get my I 140 approved , when every medicine board , state licensing agency accepted my degree she doesn't understand this
  3. vikasgoyol

    my attorney says I can't apply for I 140

    I have finished residency in medicine , I have certification of completion , board certification , my attorney applied for labor saying that I won't get it , but I have PERM approved The problem she sites for not applying I 140 is , I finished residency 3 days earlier rather than complete 3 years and she says since I have not done 3 years completely my application would be rejected I have completion letter from my director , certificate of residency completion , board certification , current state licence to practice Still she says I will be in trouble if she applies for I140 What to do