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  1. shanthip123

    H1B Amendment when no Project

    Hello, I am currently working for a client C1. My current project ends this month end. I have amendment for the current client till next year. If I don't get a new project this month end & will be without project for say 2 months (my employer still pays for me) what should we do with amendment? We can't do amendment till I get a new project, but what if USCIS site officer visits my old client place during those 2 months (when I have no project)? Is it advisable to do an amendment to my employer head office? Please advice. Thanks
  2. shanthip123

    H1B vs. EAD Work Authorization

    Hello, I am currently on H1B visa working for a client & my amendment is valid till next year. My current project will end this month end, if I get my next project in Jan 2016, I will be paid for Nov-Dec 2015 by my employer. But what will be my status during these 2 months. Once i get my new project my employer will file an amendment immediately, but what will happen if a USCIS site officer goes to my old client place during these 2 months? I am really confused & what do you suggest for these 2 months, shall we apply for amendment to head office for those two months or shall we just leave with old amendment? Please suggest Thanks