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  1. Thanks Joe . I and my wife Applied at the same time. Also biometrics were taken at the same field office at the same time For some reason, her application status is being properly updated ie "In line for Interview " and then to "Interview was scheduled" ...
  2. Hello All , Wondering if there is an option to inquire the status of the N400 application . My status on the USCIS site is Obsolete , its says " Fingerprint Appointment Was Scheduled" though the actual finger printing was done on 4/25/17. Looks like either Status is not updated properly or my application is stuck due to some issues . Does it help to inquire , or is it advisable to wait ? Is there any particular method /channel to make such inquiry ? Thanks in Advance
  3. Dear members , I have two questions , appreciate if you know the situation and can comment 1: Different Status My wife's and I had our biometric the same day - on 25-Apr-2017 . How ever My wife's application status shows - "In line for interview" where are my status shows - " Fingerprint Appointment Was Scheduled" - wondering why these totally different status for biometric done together . I had some speeding ticket which I mentioned , is that causing difference processing for Application status - filed at submitted at the same time : 2. Rescheduling the Interview due to International travel: My wife and kids were planning to go to India for 2.5 month ( kids school vacation ) . she need to undergo a spacial treatment in India about 2 months Now my question is , what is the chance that Interview coming before Aug 25 , 2017 ( Bio metric : 4/25/2017) In case if it happened , can we re-schedule the interview ?
  4. Hi All , Our situation is not very common , Though my wife and I were on GC , we decided to have our children in India ( child birth) for various reasons. They also got GC ( on -arrival ). Now when applying for Naturalization , do we need to separably apply for our children ( separate N-400 ) or will they automatically get the Citizenship through parent's N-400 application . Some one ( from a NGO working on Immigration ) told that we don't need to apply N400 form for our children , but once we get citizenship , we could just apply passport for our kids also . Does anyone know if this is the correct statement . Any pointers on this is really appreciated Thanks much
  5. kulji

    New forms for Citizenship application?

    current N-400 form on USCIS says its expiring on 9/30/2015( on the top right hand side ) . How ever there is no new form
  6. kulji

    Baby born in India

    Hi All, My wife and I have completed 5 years after getting the Green Card . We received GC in 2010 , May. We never stayed out of US more than 6 months. Our son was born in India on 2013 May and he got GC on arrival . Now , when we apply for Naturalization - wondering if there is any concern for my son to get the citizenship ? Thanks ,