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  1. I got an email from consulate to submit my passport and I have submitted yesterday.
  2. hereforme12

    221g Calgary

    Hi Okm, I have updated the profile with my email id.
  3. hereforme12

    221g - vancover on Nov 12

    Even i got the 221g Yellow slip in Calgary, they asked me only my resume, DS form. Yellow slip explains that consulate will verify the required docs as shown in below, but still i am waiting for the update, Blue Slip: A 221g Blue slip is given when the additional documentation is required. After submitting the required documents, a decision will be taken by the Consulate. Pink Slip: A 221g Pink slip is handed out when your application needs further administrative processing. The consulate will notify you once the processing is done. This form is most likely issued when the Visa Officer is doubtful about your current employer or work related information. You will be given a reference id and you can track the status online. Yellow Slip: A 221 g Yellow slip denotes general type of administrative processing. The Consulate looks at all the documentation provided by the candidate and the employer. White Slip: A 221g White slip denotes requirement for further processing by the USCIS. The Consulate pushes back these kinds of cases to the USCIS and the decision is taken based on the information obtained from the USCIS. This is the 4th week i am waiting for the update, I am not sure why consulate is taking this much and also they are not asking any documents which they require. Anyone has idea on this?
  4. hereforme12

    221g Ottawa Nov 10

    I am bit tense and 4th week has started today, I am thinking to go to India, what is your suggestion?
  5. hereforme12

    221g Ottawa Nov 10

    Oh ok, so how many days it took for your 1st 221g?
  6. hereforme12

    221g white slip in ottawa

    Hi Kumar, I also got 221 g yellow in Calgary, 3 weeks completed but still no updates from them. VO told me that it will take 2 to 4 weeks to resolve the issue, i am bit worried about this. Now i am thinking that why would I come to Canada instead of going to India. Seems home country is better than other countries based on the current situations.
  7. hereforme12

    221g Ottawa Nov 10

    Hi Okm Have you done your master's in US and if so can you provide your master's major?
  8. hereforme12

    221g Calgary

    No Suresh... waiting for the update.
  9. hereforme12

    221g Calgary

    Guys, I got 221g yellow in calgary, Interview was pretty simple and straightforward questions like who is your employer, salary, University name, masters major. After asking all these questions i got 221g yellow, VO took only my resume and he returned my passport and I-797. Also He mentioned that it will take 2 to 4 weeks. this is the 3rd week still waiting for the update. My Masters is Chemical Engineering. Guys if you are Non-IT that to in TAL list please do not come to Canada, it's better to go home country, even i know this but i attended my 1st stamping in Vancouver without any issues i got the visa at that time. this time i was pretty confidant that it won't be any problem because i have approved I-140 and this is my renewal. Finally I heard the bad news. :( :( If anyone had the similar situation please let me know how long it took to get the visa.
  10. hereforme12

    H1B visa stamping question

    Hey Harish, You are good with old visa stamp. I was on same situation last year and it was ok.
  11. hereforme12

    Calgary slot on Oct 22nd

    Anyone has the appointment on Oct 22nd at Calgary, if so please let me know we can share the accommodation.