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  1. I just saw your other post that you H1 is denied because of Bachelors ? Whats the exact reason you got a denial?
  2. As long as you are confident .. it should be fine. They might ask for a reason of denial on last petition and you can answer honestly. I know some people with similar situation went though the process without any issue. Good luck
  3. Not needed all the time. As long as your employer can provide details on merger in your employer letter .. that should be enough. Im not an attorney. Consult your immigration team for their input
  4. bobvisa

    Releasing music (independently) while on H1B

    I dont know the answer ... sorry ... but good thought .. good luck
  5. bobvisa

    H1B Transfer - Back to old employer

    He is right .. Your old employer can file for a transfer while your current H1 is in progress as long as he can prove you are legal and getting paid. I suggest to not to give notice to your current employer till other one gets approved (File in premium). Im not an attorney .. just my personal opinion
  6. bobvisa

    Urgent - LCA for promotion

    No need to go for stamping
  7. bobvisa

    I-140 approved after 7th year; H1B cap exempt?

    You are eligible for transfer under cap exempt.
  8. bobvisa

    H1B Receipt

    I heard its taking between 1 week to 1 month after amount from the check gets deducted
  9. bobvisa

    797 and 539 Kept by CBP officer

    really ?? thats weird .. You always should take your original 797 copy back .. may be call CBP at the airport and double check again
  10. Carry both and let the people at dropbox know about the changes. They should be able to update if needed.
  11. Not needed. Make sure to carry letter from your HR/immigration team with all the details about your merger
  12. bobvisa

    Multiple H1b Transfers Queries

    I know answer to only one question When I visit India next time, should I get my visa stamped once again (I already have a stamp with company A valid for another year). No need as long as you have a valid visa. I'm not an attorney but i think converting to premium will not have any issues.
  13. bobvisa

    H1, H4 extension and passport expiry

    Petition will be approved for 3 years. I dont think passport expiry has anything to do with H1 validity. If you travel to india and come back , your I94 will be valid only till your passport expiry.
  14. 1. She can go for stamping with your extension approval and incase if they ask, she can show your receipt of amendment. 2. You can travel but you need to have an approved amendment petition to be able to come back