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  1. Surti


    If cant return to usa within one year due to pandemic and old age what are our options to save our green card?
  2. Surti

    Extended Travel by Green Card Holders

    Stuck in India since december 19 due to covid. we are supposed to enter US before November 2020 to save our green card. If due to covid and our age we can’t travel before 365 days what are our options?
  3. Surti

    Transition Issues in H1B

    Can one travel while h1b amendment pending
  4. As primary care physician I have completed 5 years of service in underserved area. I am waiting for pd to become current. Can I work out side underserved area now?
  5. Surti

    H1B vs. EAD Work Authorization

    Me and my husband both are physicians working on h1b visa. My husband has Niw I 140 approved and he has completed required 5 yrs in underserved area. His i485 is pending and we both have AP & EAD. Can we work now outside underserved area on EAD ? Or one of us should maintain h1b status ?