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  1. Hi All, First of all I would like to thank everyone who is helping in this forum. Please help me how can I resolve my issue. I got my H-1B stamped back in March 2020 and because of travel ban in India my company did not take any decision on my travel. But in August because of requirement in onsite and at the same time my visa is also going to expire in Oct 2020 they started my travel process real quick and sent me here on Aug 15th, 2020. Recently my H-1B extension approved for next 3 years. Now, I want to bring my wife and daughter here (I filled DS 160s and appointment is in March 2021), so my question is, am I eligible for emergency appointment with family separation reason or do I need to wait until my appointment date? I don't know how to proceed from here. Need someone's guidance please. Thanks.
  2. jassam

    221G White Slip Hyderabad - 1/23/2015 tracker

    is there any updates to anyone?? mine issued on 17th nov....told that one more month
  3. Its the same for me. its also showing that...status created on 13th November and updated on 17th November. No change since then.
  4. Hi Bharath, I am also in the same boat...got 221g white on 17th Nov...still no update. reach out to me...my email id is on my profile.
  5. jassam

    221g in ottawa canada on 17th Nov

    Sorry to hear abt that...Will hope for the best...please keep us posted.
  6. If you are interviewed by a white guy (probably mid 40's) then he is very picky and if he finds a lil difference in ur stay then he gonna fire u with questions...this is just my experience may b different for others.
  7. jassam

    221g@ ottawa us consulate nov 20

    Hi phanicrn, hope everything goes well and what slip u got? I got white slip on 17th and waiting for the response.
  8. jassam

    221g in ottawa canada on 17th Nov

    madmax045, Thanks for your support. FYI - I received an email from embassy yesterday(11/18) at 12:05PM asking me to submit my last 6 month Payslips, Recent W2, Company Lease agreement, Project details, LCA, I129 and Support Letter from Employer to USCIS which I already had them Handy so I sent them by 4:00 PM yesterday. Will post if I have any updates
  9. jassam

    221g Ottawa Nov 10

    Today(11/18) I got an email from embassy to submit some 4 docs related to my employment which I submitted.
  10. jassam

    221g Ottawa Nov 10

    @Mehul, Its my first h1 please look in my profile for post and also let us know how did you go your interview
  11. jassam

    221g white slip in ottawa

    Hi Parkavin, I am also in the same boat. I sent you an email with my details, please reach out to me. Thanks
  12. jassam

    221g white slip in ottawa

    Today (11/17) I also got 221g white in Ottawa, said the processing may take 2-3 days
  13. jassam

    221g Ottawa Nov 10

    I am also added to this post as i got 221g gave me white letter here in ottawa today (11/17). Please do update if anybody status changes.
  14. Hi Guys, Today I got 221g in Ottawa, Canada. Interview as follows VO: So what is XXXXXX (my employer)? me: told detailly VO: so they do pretty much everything? me: yes VO: so is it an in house project? Me: No sir, I work for a cllient VO: So F1 to H1? me yes VO: why din't you do masters in university of XXXXXX? me: I did not fit to that environment, so I transferred to other university where my cousin leaves. VO: how many days you stayed in your first university? me: 10 days VO: I suspect, you came intentionally to study in other university. Me: i strongly said no sir, I don't even know about the other univ...because even originally that is not my intention to go to other univ. VO: what is your pay? me: xxxxx/annum VO: give me your w2s Me: gave all my w2s VO: why its showing less compared to what you told? Me: That is in my OPT sir. VO: for what client you work? Me: xxxxxxxxx VO: what they do? Me: said VO: So your client and employer do the samething? Me: No but Client will develop the products and they will sell the services of it. VO: Give me your client letter Me: Sure and given VO: What is your client location? Me: said VO: wrote something and handed over all my docs (PP, DS-160, I797, w2s, client letter) to one other person and asked me to go to the next counter The other person asked me 3-4 questions is this your first h1? who is your end client? where are they from? After that he returned my w2s and kept the remaining docs and gave me a 221g which has the heading "Notice of suspension, 221g, Pending Further Processing" and the receipt is in white color and he said if you have any questions you can email to this id by rounding an email address in the receipt At last I asked the other Interviewer, how much time it will take to complete my admin process. He said, we will reach out to your client, if he responds in a time, it will be 2-3 days. Note: the person who interviewed me is a tough guy, if you are coming to Ottawa be careful with this person. The other VO is a lady and she is ok. If anybody is in the same boat. please post here, we will be in touch.
  15. jassam

    Any one going for ottawa on Nov 16-17

    My date is on Nov 17th