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  1. @Sheela03 : Congrats. I received an email last night and collected my passport this morning. Back in US. Quite a journey from past week :)
  2. Hi Sheela, Any update on your end? Thanks.
  3. Blissful

    DS160 update in Appointment Confimration

    Hi visastampingh1b, Having a mismatched DS-160 number on Applicant profile vs Consulate interview, will it delay the passport delivery process? Thanks.
  4. Blissful

    Female roomates for Oct 15th Ottawa stamping

    Also, can you share your email for quicker communication, if that is okay with you.
  5. Blissful

    Female roomates for Oct 15th Ottawa stamping

    Sheela, Any update on the email. Nothing yet from my end.
  6. Hi Sheela, Did you receive any email yet? I have no update on email so far.
  7. Thanks for the update reddy. Sheela - Did your status changed to issued as well? For some reason, i do not see any update on my end.
  8. Nothing yet reddy. Looks like they have some printer difficulties going on. Any news on your end?
  9. Hi reddy, sheela As communicated, looks like there are some passport delays due to short of staff and printer difficulties. Will post here for any development. Is there a way to reach you guys directly, for quicker access? Also, Please do share if you see any change of status on your end, as it helps with the perspective. Thanks.
  10. Blissful

    Female roomates for Oct 15th Ottawa stamping

    Hi Sheela, Congratulations on the Visa approval. I am still in Ottawa waiting for my passport. Were you able to find the accommodation in Ottawa? I know of a paying guest accommodation at an inexpensive rate. Let me know if you are interested. By the way, do you see any status updates on your passport yet?
  11. Congrats reddy522. Did you get any update on the Passport status yet? I attended mine on 13th of this month, but haven't heard back a thing on the passport yet. Thanks.
  12. Blissful

    Double Masters and Visa stamping in canada

    Hi Ketha, Can you share your Visa interview questions with us? This will help us to have the most recent perspective on the type of questions being asked. Thanks!
  13. Hello, I will be in Ottawa during the week of Oct 13th for H1b Visa stamping and willing to share accommodation with a female roommate. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks.
  14. Blissful

    Female roomates for Oct 15th Ottawa stamping

    Hello, I will be visiting Ottawa around the same time and am interested to share the accommodation with you. Please let me know your duration of the stay so that we can plan accordingly. Thank you!