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  1. Yes, i have attended the physician interview at Mexico City. I sent an email to the embassy. I called and explained the situation at the city at that point. they have requested me to attend the interview as they have received all the required docs from panel physician. Traveled back to Metamoros and attend the visa interview again. call customer service to see whether they allow or not. In case you stuck at Mexico city, my personal advice "be careful" and travel back to USA with visa wiever. they allow to USA to stay atleast 30-60 days with out visa. go back and attend the interview if everything went smooth. Hope everything will be Ok in a day or so.
  2. lakesh999

    H1B extension stamping with DUI.

    Hi, i have the similar situation. do i also have to attend the second time physical exam? I have recently attended one medical exam for I-484. some reason the dates went back and have the sealed cover. can i use the same letter if they ask for any medical exams? I do not have any documents from previous medical exam except a CD that they have given. please advice. Thanks,
  3. I had similar situation on 2011. it has taken 2 days. i have scheduled next available date and finally it end up taken week. best of luck.
  4. lakesh999

    H1 Visa Stamping - With 10 year old DUI

    Hi, I have similar situation. did you have any update? I am travelling on Jun 1st week to India. My situation: I have DUI on Mar 2010 and the result of the DUI is "Not Guilty". I have attended one visa interview at Mexico and they requested me to provide Medical records by attending exam at provided locations. I did and got Visa on 2011. I have renewed my Visa and it was extended to 2016 Dec. I need to travel this Jun and have to attend the interview. Do you have any idea what documents we have to carry with specific to DUI? I recently attended Immigration medical exam for my I485 some reason dates went back and have the sealed copy. does i can use this while attending the interview? kumaramangalam & Mani_Ravi please share or send your valuble updates to ***************(at)gmaildotcom
  5. Hi, i am applying for my EAD(I-485) this Oct 1st 2015. I have submitted all my documents to my attorney. I have DWI case in 2010 and the final judgement of the case is "NOT GUILTY". my attorney requested me to get the "Certified copy of final disposition of my DWI as Not Guilty" from the court. I have contacted them and they mentioned that they could not able to see the record as i could submitted "Amended Petition for Expunction" thru my lawyer. it seems that is correct. i have a scanned copy of the "Amended Petition for Expunction" letter from my criminal lawyer. Now my immigration lawyer is requested me to get the "Certified copy from my DWI attorney". since it is more than 4 years, they too do not have any documentaiton. they are saying at least they can give a letter from their firm saying they faught for the case and result of the case is not guilty. do any one faced this kind of situation? what if we do not submit "Certified copy of the final disposition" to USCIS? do they decline/rfe my I-485? thank you for your valuable suggestion or help in advance.
  6. lakesh999


    Hello Madam/Sir, My priority date is Mar 11th 2011. I am applying my I-485 thru my employer's attorney.I have DWI in 2010 and it was cancelled (Not guilty) in 2011. at that time, i have submitted Amended Petition for Expunction to clear all criminal records on my name in county court. Now my immigration lawyer is asking for "Certified copy of final disposition". I have contacted the court/county but they have mentioned they could not able to find because i was requested to erase. since this case has been completed more than 4 years, even my criminal attorney also does not have a certified copy of my final disposition. can you guide me what documentation is good to submit for my EAD/I-485? these are the possible documentation i can get it from my lawyer and court. My criminal attorney saying atleast they can provide a letter stating that they have faught for the case and the result of the case. my court/county are saying they can only provide a certificate that states i do not have any criminal records on my name in Dallas County court. these are enough for my EAD or have to get any documentation from any where? Thank you Lakesh