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  1. Hi , Currently i am on H1B and if i get a job from International Organization like UN, UN Agencies may give required supporting documents for G4. how can i apply for G4 VISA and status change from H1 to G4 while staying in US? do i need to leave the country and come back ? any suggestions?
  2. Hi, My Employer changed company name from X to Y. i have approved LC & I-140 petition. Does approved i-140 petition still valid or should employer apply again with new name . if so, i guess still they can port the Priority Date? Please advise
  3. madhugumma

    Indian passport renewal - h4 visa expired

    The contact page has email address : **************@indiagov.in for visa/passport . H4 also get I-797A for an extension. since your case is not an extension , you don't have I-797. you need to communicate the same.
  4. You can pay for the trip. In DS-160 choose Person/Entity paying for the Trip as you - so that no financial concerns to your mother. and you could send an invitation letter addressing to your mother about purpose of the trip and also a supporting letter addressing to VO about purpose of the trip and what are places you are planning to take your mother and assurance about her return. if VO accepts the letter, your mother need not to worry about how to explain it.
  5. madhugumma

    Self sponsored visitor visa by retired parents

    If your parents are not in position to pay for the trip, in DS-160 you can choose Person/Entity for Paying for Trip as yours. So that they don't need to show financial capacity , However approval of visa depends on your parents how they convey to Visa Officer about purpose of the trip and ties with home town.
  6. madhugumma

    Potential Immigrant on F1 can apply for B1B2

    Yes in DS160 you need to specify the previous rejections. However B1/B2 is not relevant to your F1 rejections. You need to show proper desire for US Visit and need to furnish proper supporting documents about your financial capacity and ties with your home country.
  7. madhugumma

    Query regarding my B1/B2 Visa -URGENT

    Hope your old visa is not tampered. if its on Business Trip. Carry an invitation letter from your client/user with proper itinerary.
  8. madhugumma

    DS160 question

    You would need to plan for 2 days - different appointments, 1st day for Finger prints and Photo and 2nd day for Visa Interview.
  9. madhugumma

    I want to go alone to USA when B1B2 stamp with Wife

    You can travel. At Port of Entry, you would need to explain to an immigration officer, about purpose of the trip and duration and others. Are you travelling on any Tourism package , if so, be carry with proper literary of your trip and accommodation details.
  10. did you check with social security office on getting a duplicate SSN CARD?
  11. is your new I797A/B has new I-94 and did you give the same to DMV?
  12. madhugumma

    Question on dependents for H4 visa

    You could create another fresh form. if you think its some technical issue, you can contact ustraveldocs.com contact us.
  13. F2 meant for Student's dependents. I don't see any issue here ?
  14. madhugumma

    Query regarding Visitors Visa

    Thanks for the correction. I used I-134 for my parents and ln-laws and in DS160 mentioned Person/Entity paying for the Trip was me. it worked. My Parents and ln-laws were visited US.
  15. madhugumma

    Query regarding Visitors Visa

    Relatives/Children can pay for the trip and they need to provide I-34 support affidavit for the same. and in DS160 need to specify details for "Person/Entity Paying for the Tip"