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  1. I don't think you can capture the year on your H1B. That only happens for first 6 years of H1B. But if your I140 is approved, you are cap exempt, you will not be going through the lottery again.
  2. I have an approved I140 and PD is current now. At present I am outside US and planning to find some employer after 1 year. Will there be any issues waiting for more than year to file for I485 ? Can USCIS repeal my visa number if I have not used it for more than a year ? I appreciate your time for reading my post. Looking for advise !!! Thanks RD
  3. Hello Experts, I moved out of US in 2019 with approved I140 and PD Dec2010 for EB2 category. I read somewhere that if my PD becomes current, I need to take action by applying for AOS or applying for immigration visa at US consulate. Is this true? If Yes, how can I proceed ? Will I loose my I140 if I didn't move to US within year of having current PD? Does "Dates for Filing Employment Based Visa Application" marks my PD as current ? or does it depends on Final Action Date ? I appreciate your time to go through my post and looking forward to your replies. Thanks RD
  4. rdhillon

    H1b stamping in Canada for expired stamp

    Yes, I have gotten my visa stamped twice. Both times my H1B visa has expired.
  5. Good Morning. I got my Labor Certificate approved yesterday and my new company is going to file I-140 in premium processing. I have I-140 approved from my previous company and company will request a recapture of priority date (Dec 2010). I have following questions. 1. Can my company can file I-140 and I-1485 concurrently ? 2. My wife is on F1 (opt). If I get I485 receipt and AP/EAD, Will my wife receive her EAD while she is on F1 visa OR she needs to be H4 visa first ? 3. If somebody gets the I-485 approved, do they still need to file for H1 B extension once H1B expires ? I really appreciate your reply.