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  1. Traffic citations are counted and must be explained; each one of them.
  2. SoNearCitizen

    New Regulations and Residency Requirements

    Please read the guidelines for N-400. I think they state no absences of more than six months in the last five years before applying. So you have to wait a couple years more to apply.
  3. SoNearCitizen

    Indian Visa

    No. OCI must be applied only from overseas, not in India.
  4. SoNearCitizen

    Continuous Residency Question

    For the continuous residency requirement, you need to be present for 2.5 years of the 5 years prior to applying with each trip lasting less than 6 months so you seem to be fine there. For your second question on selective service, you really need legal consultation in this matter for full detailed evaluation of your case. You can consult Murthy lawyers. They are quite affordable and give excellent service.
  5. SoNearCitizen

    Location change for Biometrics appointment ?

    It is possible in theory by sending a written request to USCIS, but strongly recommend not to. If it gets misplaced, or due to some miscommunication something screws up, you will have to start all over again, paying the $685 fee etc. again. Better just travel there, give the biometrics and return. Its worth it.
  6. SoNearCitizen

    GC to citizenship requirement question

    If you are absent for more than 6 months at a stretch, then you automatically have to wait another five years to apply for citizenship. If you stay for more than an year outside the country, you'll automatically lose your GC. You can keep your GC alive by taking a reentry permit which will be valid for 2 years. So you can reenter the US after two years if you have the reentry permit before you leave the US. But the reentry permit is not good enough to stop resetting your citizenship clock cycle. In your present situation, if you have to keep your chances of applying for citizenship alive by 2018, you should not take trips to India for more than about 3 months at a stretch. You should also maintain a residence here in the U.S for the next two years.
  7. SoNearCitizen

    Is DUI the end of world?

    Its certainly not the end of the world. Don't presuppose that it is and stop your efforts toward success. We all make mistakes. What is important is whether we learnt from them and move forward. Just a single DUI shouldn't have big impact. Just stick to the facts, be honest and explain that you have learnt and changed. People appreciate that honesty even more than a perfectly clean record. Good luck.
  8. Been hearing such things for 20 years now...
  9. SoNearCitizen

    DUI In India. Need suggestions for L1 Visa

    Nobody can tell if the DUI will cause problems in processing the L1 or the VISA. Perhaps more for the VISA for the L1 because VISA is applied for in India. L1 is processed in USA. Apply for it in any case. If you are lucky, they might choose to ignore. Don't presuppose anything and give up hopes even before trying. Good luck.
  10. SoNearCitizen

    I-485 :- RFE received :- asking for Affidavit

    1. Yes and make it as detailed as possible (e.g. mention that you are his son, how they know him, for how long etc.). If it is on 10 Rs. stamp paper, it looks much more authentic so try to get the stamp paper by speed post from someone in India. 2. Yes that would be great. If it has any pages showing you as a child, thats even better. Print it in color and notarize it too that it is "verified with original". Any other evidence such as certificates showing you are his son or he is your father would be beneficial too. In all cases though, print in color and notarize that it was verified with original.
  11. SoNearCitizen

    Denied Once

    If this is your full and true story, then I think you'll most likely be granted the citizenship the next time you apply. If not, chill. Being a GC is almost as good as being a citizen. You won't find major changes to your life.
  12. They do ask you both in the N-400 form and during the interview if you had any traffic violations/tickets. They also ask you what you did for those, if you paid or if you plead guilty etc. and they write the details down on your application during your interview. I don't think they have live access to your traffic violations and just one ignored ticket shouldn't impact your application much, but it is advisable to do the right thing and just pay off the ticket. You are supposed to explain what you did for each traffic incident/violation, and if you say I just ignored it that is problematic. You also shouldn't lie on the application or interview because lying on the N-400 (petition for U.S. Citizen) is grounds for revoking citizenship. So just pay off the ticket and do the right thing.
  13. Relax ponte. Its just a tongue-in-the-cheek comment ;-) Murthy lawyers are wonderful I am sure. If OP has decided to hire a lawyer, I agree Murthy are one of the best to do the job.
  14. Well to post on the forum is free. To hire them costs $$$ :-)
  15. She can also apply for reinstatement of GC. She'll be allowed to enter the U.S but will be put in removal proceedings. That means, she needs to convince an immigration judge later that she had extenuating circumstances why she could not maintain GC and that she needs reinstatement of GC badly. I think in your case, she does. So you can try that route as well.