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  1. Can an employee remain on Unpaid Leave of Absence of H1-B if he/she is outside the US and as soon as they return to USA it'll be converted to Active Employee with Pay? Thank you
  2. Bhajagovindam

    H1-B Cap Exempt Validity

    Dear all, Can you please help with this question below. I've lived in USA for 8 years on H1-B with 1-140 approved 3 years ago. Last year, I've received Canadian PR and moved to Canada in October 2018. If I want to move back to USA after 3 years say 2022, will I still be eligible for Cap Exempt H1-B on previously approved I-140. Is there a time limit on Cap exempt validity? Thank you
  3. Bhajagovindam

    221G blue slip at Ottawa

    Sorry to hear. Is this a full time job? what's your master's in? Job title
  4. Bhajagovindam

    H1b denied after in reposnse to REF. CS degree

    Sorry to hear this. Is that a full time job and what's your job title?
  5. Bhajagovindam

    H1B Denial

    It depends on the reason for denial. Is that a Full time job or consulting? What's your minimum degree for educational qualification for this position and wage level?
  6. Bhajagovindam

    H1b Extension Denied

    Sorry to hear. Are you working in Full-time employment or a consulting job? Good Luck
  7. I believe they're doing blanket denials regardless of what documentation you submit if your job is in IT and have non CS degree. It's kinda scary but it's a fact these days. They're going by the guidelines given by the current administration to simply deny if a petition is a computer related job and the degree is non CS not matter if you've computer courses in your non CS degree and pages of evaluation your attorney submits. However, this is again on case by case basis and depends on other factors. Current Unemployment at its low with US Citizens, Non immigrants(H-1b and H4 EAD's and so on ) have jobs and working to keep this great nation's economy strong. where's the job shortage? Good luck to all in this situation.
  8. Daya: IF you have around 13 years in IT field. Ask your attorney if he can convert every 3 years of experience as 1 year of the degree in IT. I've seen people doing that conversion, so in your case I believe you'll have 4 years degree in a related field combining your years of exp. good luck
  9. Bhajagovindam

    Change of Status From H1 to F1

    Well Said Joe F. I've been reading lot of posts about converting from H-1B to F1 and getting CPT on day1 and again back to H-1B at a later date. This will simply lead to H-1B denial in the future. Everyone under H-1B or F1 status who are in the above situation: Please understand the policies and procedures before taking such decision. If you're not aware of the rules, please consult a lawyer before making such decisions, this will save your future in the US.
  10. Bhajagovindam

    H1B Extension RFE

    What's the RFE about?
  11. Bhajagovindam

    Speciality Occupation

    Sorry to hear. What's your degree( In non computers in and what kind of degree(MS, Bsc)? Atleast need to prove that there is course work in your degree is directly related to your job About 70 percent of RFE's are of this kind these days. Consult your attorney, they should be able to handle it. Good Luck
  12. Bhajagovindam

    H1b extension denied and i94 expired

    Sorry to hear are you a full time employee for a client or a consultant work at a client location? whats your degree in? if your I94 expired, out of status. filing for appeal doesn’t grant any status
  13. Bhajagovindam

    H1b denied and filed for mtr.

    Sorry to hear. Do you work with consulting company? what is your highest degree in? where did you get expert opinion letter?
  14. Hello Kiran: How did you contact Fordham University for evaluation? It looks like they're a Theology University for the most part and they don't even have school of Engineering. Could you please give some additional information like what's the procedure for evaluation with them? Thanks, B.Govindam
  15. Bhajagovindam

    H1-B extension denied & I-94 expired

    Sorry to hear,What’s the reason for denial? 1.since your I-94 expired, you’re out of status as of today, unless you’re changing to valid status, plan to leave ASAP to avoid accumulation days under “out of status” 2. Changing to H4 doesn’t impact green card processing. You’ve already been counted in cap, so you’re CAP exempt. 3. You can apply with same or different employer. the reason for denial need to be addressed before applying with same employer Good Luck