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  1. I got 221G for admin processing when I went to consulate for H1-B stamping and it has been few weeks since then. 1) If I travel to US on H4 for now, will my H1 221G case at consulate be dropped or will it continue to be in progress? 2) If the answer to above question is yes and if my 221G case becomes approved, then do I need to come back for H1 stamping in order to resume working in US?
  2. sujatha29

    Grace period for H1 post last day of employment

    Thanks for your response Shekar. Just want to clear my question 1. My Project ended on Dec-31,I am still under the payroll from my Employer A. And I will be in this payroll till first week of Feb.After that either i need to go back to India else i need to resign. So in this case Whether New law will be applied or the old one? Thanks in advance
  3. I'm in the US for Employer A. The project ended on 31st Dec 2106 and I was told to go back to India. I'm still staying in the US as I have some vacation leaves left (can stay until 8th Feb). 1) Is the new law regarding staying in US on H1-B without employment for 60 days passed? Is it applicable for me? Is there any other clauses/limitations to this law? 2) My spouse is also in the US. If I plan to change my H1 to H4, do I have to file for COS before my last day of employment (considering I quit on 8th Feb)? What if there happens to be a gap between last day of employment and H4 filing? Am I legally allowed to stay here? 3) Once I change to H4, if I want to change to H1 again, is my previous H1 can be validated again? Or will it be processed as a new H1-B?
  4. sujatha29

    H1 to H4 filing

    I'm on H1-B and want to change to H4. 1) Once my H4 is filed, how long would it take to get approved? What would happen if I were to travel to India before it gets approved? Can I come back immediately or wait for approval and stamping? 2) Which is advisable? a) To file H4 in US (or) b) Go back to India, file H4 and then come back to US? 3) Which is advisable? Shall I file H4 after resigning from my current employer or file before resigning? (I'm going to continue to stay in US)
  5. sujatha29

    H1 B transfer when in extension

    I'm working for company X. My H1-B is expiring in a month. Extension is applied, received Acknowledgement and extension is yet to be approved. 1) Can company Y hire me by transferring my H1B even before it is approved? 2) If I resign now (before I get the extension approved) and decide to go back to native country for few months, what happens to the Visa. Will it still be usable at a later point? 3) If I decide to take a break and continue to stay in H4 as my spouse's dependent for a while, how difficult it is to get back to work by reviving my H1-B? Can both H4 and H1-B be valid at same time? 4) If I need to go to native country for a vacation, can I still come back even if extension is not yet approved (with just Acknowledgment receipt of extension filing on hand)? Thanks in advance! Apologies for asking so many questions together.