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    company not filing I140

    Dear admins, Appreciate if you can share some advice. I left USA in March 2020 as my H1B 6 years had expired. I was not given any termination notice by my company and they filed for my PERM in March 2020. The PERM application got approved but the company’s Legal counsel says that the position is closed and they will not be able to file for I140. I also learnt that my approved PERM is going to expire this month. I have been requesting the company and my manager to at least help file for my I140 so that after approval I can transfer to another company but they don’t want to do it either. This has been a mess and I feel disappointed and helpless. What are my options at this point? Thanks and Regards
  2. crashbag

    Travel to USA from India

    Dear Sir/Madam, Hope you are doing well. Thanks for helping me with my question. I wanted to share a few concerns that I had regarding my case and would really appreciate if you can give some advice. Following are the highlights of my situation, My most recent job ended in July 2015 and I have not been working since then. Due to personal reasons I had to travel back to India and currently residing in India since July 2015. My start date for new employment is fixed for August 31st 2015 and I am planning to travel back to US on August 28th 2015 to start working. Problem for me here is that I need to report to work on August 31st (My employer is looking for me to join ASAP and hence this urgency) with my H1-B transfer still in progress and I do not have a I797 approval notice in hand. I have the offer letter and the approved LCA from my employer at this time. If I plan to travel back to US on Aug. 28th , Will there be any problem ? What kind of documents do I need to carry if I do not have a I797 petition ? Can I use my previous employer's valid I797 petition ? Hoping to get a response from you soon. Regards