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  1. Hi, I have recieved 221g last time when I went for stamping in 2015 in Chennai, India.My stamp has CR Notation(Clearance Recieved). Should I go to same consulate only (or in India) for stamping next time or can I go to countries like Canda/Mexico also?Please suggest if anyone have idea on similar case. Thanks, Pratap.
  2. Hi, 3 years back, I got 221g in a India consulate.I have CR notation in stamp when I recieved the stamping succesfully. Next time if I go to stamping - should I get stamping done from India only or can I go to any other country like Canada or Mexico etc..? Please let us know if you have any experience on the same. Regards, Pvarmap.
  3. Hi, I have recently filed for H1B Transfer, Job Position filed is - Senior .Net Programmer and received RFE to prove following: Job postings and advertisements from my employer and other similar companies showing that a Bachelor’s Degree requirement is common for such a position in the industry . Employment records including degrees of other employees in my company performing similar work again showing that the other employees possess a Bachelor’s degree as well. Copies of work products performed by the beneficiary or other current/former employees such as presentations, designs, etc., showing the specialty occupation work performed by them. Marketing/Promotional materials about my employer touting the specialty work done by it. Please let us know your thoughts on how this can be addressed , if anybody received similar RFE? Chances of approval? Regards, Pratap.
  4. Hi, I have done Bachelors in Electronics & Communication Engineering, Masters in Nanotechnology. I am here in USA on H1B Visa. So far I worked for same employer and now am planning to file for a H1 Transfer. Can I file transfer based on Bachelors alone(avoiding Masters, as Nanotechnology is very less relevant to IT and that too its a specialization)? or we should not skip degree just like that? Any thoughts are greatly welcome. Regards, Pratap.
  5. Hi, My I94 expired - 08/16/2017. Extension is filed by current employer in June and received RFE about Education Background on 10/11. RFE response deadline - 01/09/2018. RFE will be responded in early 1st week of Jan surely(little delay due to multiple reviews while responding). Now, I have an Offer from other employer and planning for H1 Transfer. Can someone help me if it is ok to switch in this scenario(having I94 expired). Main info that am looking for is - 1) Can I switch or is there any rule that is blocking me? 2) what if current extension is denied and transfer gets approved? 3) what if current extension is withdrawn, how will it impact H1B Transfer? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi, I have attended H1B - Visa Interview on 5th Aug at Chennai and been issued a 221(g).I have been asked to submit CV,invitation letter from Sponsor in US and am still waiting to hear from consulate. My Situation for 221(g): I have a Master's in Nanotechnology.After my education I have started working in IT Industry after a gap of 9 months. I have done a unpaid internship during this break of 9 months. The issue is: I have not mentioned about this internship during CV sent to USCIS while filing H1B. When VO asked about this gap period,I did not have other choice than to tell about this.Excluding this initial 9 months,I have 7 years of genuine IT experience with two big MNC's.Any idea if this internship thing can create any hurdle in issuing visa? I have submitted the updated CV(with internship details),letter from Sponsor in US as requested by consulate already and waiting to hear back. Any inputs on this will greatly help. Regards, Pratap V.