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  1. Thanks JoeF for the reply. So, I can still file the complaint against my employer even if i have signed the agreement, right ?
  2. I am working for a consultancy A, now i got a full time job offer with company B. They initiated my transfer. I have not resigned from Consultancy A yet, just waiting for the receipt from USCIS which might take another week. Also, with Consultancy A, I finished my previous client project sometime back and now i got another client project. In my agreement with consultancy A (which i signed an year back), it is mentioned that: In the event Employee terminates employment during the middle of any client engagement, with or without proper notice, Employee voluntarily acknowledges and agrees to hereby forego six weeks salary and acknowledges the Company’s right to garnish any unpaid wages of Employee equal to the aforementioned six weeks salary. Company retains the exclusive and sole right to waive this provision. My final decision is to join company B, just waiting for few paperwork. Meanwhile my consultancy A is forcing me to start the new client project. Now my question is, if I start this new project, do I have to pay him 6 week salary, is it really legal ?? In past also, he gave me warnings like, pay me and leave anytime.
  3. Hi, My current visa status is F2. My husband visa status is changing to H1 which will be effective from oct 1. I have already applied for Change of Status to H4 using form I-539. I'm also preparing/planning to take admission for a Masters degree and so, change to a F1 status from the coming Spring 2016 semester. I'll be travelling to my native country in november for a month and I am now confused if I should get a H4 stamping or F1 stamping ?