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  1. My H1B with employer A has been expired on Nov 30th and employer A filled for an extension which is under processing. My employer A is ready to do premium processing on 19th Feb as I have a travel plan to India in mid March. Now I have an offer from employer B who is ready to transfer my H1B under premium processing in 1st week of March. Since this conflicts with my travel plan in March, I am planning to travel to India and get stamped through employer A approved H1B. Also, planning to start with employer B after my India travel. Can I return to US with stamping through employer A when I have H1B transfer approved through employer B. What are my options here.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I will try the options specified in the post and keep you posted.
  3. Thank you so much for your reply. I see that TVDL(Temporary Visitor Driver's License) is for undocumented visitors. I know it's a naive question, but If I consider getting TVDL, will it impact my visa processing?
  4. Hi, My license in Illinois is expiring on 30th Nov 2018 and my H1B visa too. My attorney has filled an Extension + Amendment (Material change) under regular processing. I called upon DMV on my license renewal and they mentioned that they cannot renew my license with H1B filling receipt. I should have approval letter or notice from USCIS. Can you please let me know what options do I have to renew my license. Can I get a letter from USCIS showing that I am eligible for temporary license during my legal stay of 240 days after my H1B expires. Thanks, Swaroop.
  5. Varma8989

    Travel to India while H1B amendment got RFE

    I am on the same boat now. Can you guys please update me on your status now. Replied to RFE today under premium processing. I'm planning to leave to INDIA on 30th sep. Is it risky to travel to INDIA when RFE is being processed?
  6. Varma8989

    H1B Transfer before Oct 1st

    What is the time frame that an Employer has, to revoke their Employees H1B petition if their Employee gets transferred to another Employer.
  7. Varma8989

    H1B Transfer before Oct 1st

    I think you can work for Employer A as long as you haven't resigned with them. Did you apply for transfer? Can you please share the result?
  8. Varma8989

    H1B Transfer before Oct 1st

    Thanks for your replies, Employer B told me that he's gonna file a new H1B under Cap exempt based on the receipt number from Employer A before Oct 1st. Let me know if that's valid or not.
  9. Varma8989

    H1B Transfer before Oct 1st

    Hi, I am working for Employer A on OPT(valid until Nov 2015) and got my H1B from Employer A. Now that I got a better opportunity with Employer B, I'm about to start working with Employer B on my OPT. Employer B informed me that they will file my H1B transfer in as soon as I start working with them. Now my questions are: 1. What are the possible chances that my H1B transfer petition gets approved? Any successful cases like this in this year? 2. What if Employer A revokes my H1B and Employer B petition gets approved. 3. Can Employer B file for H1B transfer on Oct 1st provided that Employer A doesn't revoke my petition until then (In this case, I can't provide pay slips from Employer A to transfer my H1B to Employer B on Oct 1st as I am gonna start working with Employer B very soon - Is it valid?) Also please respond if any one has successfully transferred their H1B before start date. Thanks in advance.....