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  1. srinivas_258

    h1b late application (I797 and I94 same date)

    out of status for 3+ days ... your h1b will not be approved if i am true.... illegal presence of stay check with good attorney
  2. srinivas_258

    what options do I have to renew my I94 expiry date

    for 1 & 2 Q: Ans is No they can't give you I94 based on ur new I797 read clearly and carefully in I797 it is mentioned 3. yes this is the way you will get it ..... you should have submitted new I797 wheb you went for visa stamp, I don't know the in what situation you were .... so I say that was an unlucky trip .... hope my reply helps you.
  3. srinivas_258

    H1B dependents Stamping validity

    submit a new I797 while applying based on that you will get visa .... so always latest first .....
  4. srinivas_258

    Valid New H1B VISA, Valid Old Stamped VISA - I94

    you need to go for stamping again.... on the I797 basics they can't extend you stay .... hope this helps you . two terms Stamped visa and I797 I94 bothe are different on I797 it is clearly mention check some where "this is not a visa" stating ..... when ever we leave the country we need to have a valid Visa .. then only we can get in ..... I797, OPT EADs, H4EADs not a visa .......
  5. let me ask you this question do you have stamped visa on the passport ??? with above info I assume that you have stamped visa until Aug 2019 only... If you have stamped visa until 2020 Feb I suggest you to visit nearest CBP ofc other wise don't go .....
  6. 1 ANS: I suggest you follow step 2. Can be modified but don't stay untill 2020 2 ANS: Renew your sons passport and go to CBP office before Oct 2019 and can be updted... no need to worry... but apply passport process ASAP getting new passport takes several weeks.
  7. I am having the same scinario..... applied my amendement due to change client in 2017 nov and now my ext is due Sep 29th 2019... so went in Premium got RFE in 5 days waiting on RFE details. Amendment applied at Calif and Ext applied to Nebraska..... don't know what to do... just tensed did i and my company lawyer did correctly or not?? any one in same situation let me know...
  8. srinivas_258

    H1B Extension to be filed 7 months ahead of Expiry

    No, 180 days before only
  9. no man you can not do it, with that I 797... check other blogs replies... who told you to get it done at CBP ofc ??? go and beat him first ..... officially you ar out of status according to CBP rules..... but technically your good stay in USA with I797 approved. if you approach them they will throw you out this country
  10. H1B Ext+ H4 Ext+ H4 EAD applying in PP, while wife is in India. After 21st March 2019, h4 has to attend bio-metrics. please show some light on my scenario she won't be coming for next 6 months.... any inputs with proper resource is appreciated. Thanks!
  11. srinivas_258

    I94 status not updated

    hey it is showing correctly, as you did not cross or did no go for stamping with employer A and Client Y. So there is no such a medium between CBP and USCIS to update the new I94s based on which approved by USCIS. both system work separately. so check ur status are u at present out of status or not? then talk to good immigration lawyer and try to resolve it by staying in USA. don't be scared there are so many cases like you it can be resolved easily. all the best.
  12. srinivas_258

    I94 expired and new passport is yet to arrive

    Hi JaiGuru, Please don't visit local CBP office if your I 94 already expired and even don't call them. They will deport you rite away. I am not scaring you but its all rules they have. you need a best lawyer not your company attorney, hire some one expert in handling this kinda cases. May be you can hire murthy lawyers... they are the best solving this kinda of cases. you will loose some money but its always safe to go with attorney. very rare cases it will work crossing the borders coming back. if your luck is very good. but don't worry or scared of anything this is very small problem relax and try to find the solution.
  13. srinivas_258

    I-94 expired have valid visa and valid I-797

    Hi, Talk to immigration layer dont approach CBP. As you have visa stamping so no need worry. May be you have to spend money from ur pocket but these kind of issues are solvable. How do you miss this logic After passport renewl you did not send new pass port details to USCIS or our the great indian embassy did not send some xx and yy renewed is passport here are details of him. And ur trying to find ur i 94 with new passport how stupid you are ! Hats of to you... Talk to murthy lawyer they have great experience in dealing like ur cases.. be happy spend some money now.... may be 5 to 6k. For your kind info ur now officialy out of status. But dont panic this issue can be solved by nonpro trunc rule so be happy. Good luck
  14. srinivas_258

    I94 Expiring

    CBP officer gave it correctly, you need to get stamped ... why people cant undersatand that, what ever visa stamp date you have on passport you are eligible to stay for that time and if you are in US, got new i797 still ur able to stay in the US. Once you cross the border you need visa stamp. Please dont assume that i797 is visa....desi people misleads you... check USCIS and i797 FAQ s for more info
  15. She needs to get Visa stamp. There is no overide concepts exists in POE. so talk to ur employer or company lawyer... u still have time before you go out of status.make an appointment with immigration lawyer and have clear clarification... don't listen to ur desi friends suggestions...