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  1. venkatakotta

    H1b Stamping at Nuevo Laredo on 17th and 18th july 2019

    Hi , Anyone going for visa Interview at Nuevo Laredo , Mexico during Oct 1- 4 ? Please let me know I have interview scheduled on Oct 3rd 2019 , fingerprints on Oct 2 2019 . Thanks Venkat
  2. Hi , I have visa appointment on 17th Morning , Planning to be in Vancouver by 15th Night , if any one has shared accommodation or would like to share a hotel room near to US consulate please let me know I'm happy to join . Thanks Venkat
  3. I have on 17th , let me know if anyone is having on same day
  4. Hi Sree , Did you got my message , I have shared my contact to your email . Please let me know . Thanks
  5. venkatakotta

    EAD on E3 VISA

    Hello Every one , Would like to know few questions related to E3 Dependent EAD work conditions in absence of E3 principle applicant in USA . Is E3 EAD applicant can work for 1 or 2 months without principle E3 applicant in USA . I'm the E3 principle applicant wanting to go for 2 months trip to Australia and India to sort some issues over there . I would like to leave my wife(E3D - EAD applicant) here as she is searching for a job at the moment ,so I don't want to stop her job trails . please advise any issues may araise in this scenario to her job search and work and also for me at port of entry? Many Thanks Venkata